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Legislative & Regulatory Issues

2013 Holiday Greetings - Nevada State Report

Dec 2013

On the regulatory front two important issues have been resolved by direct intervention by your association. First is Washoe County's suspension of the oxy winter time fuel program, and second is the very narrow interpretation of the dyed diesel sales tax collection - Read More...

Nevada State Report - June 2013

Jun 2013

Last week saw the end of the 77th Session of the Nevada Legislature. More than 1000 bills were introduced in the 120 day session; 26 of them impacted petroleum marketers.

NPM&CSA did not sponsor any specific legislation but rather was on defense this session. Among the most egregious bills was a trial lawyers' effort to require any business that had video surveillance to produce a tape of an alleged slip or fall or other accident when requested by an attorney. This is the second session the trial bar has attempted to pass such legislation in Nevada. A broad-based coalition of small businesses was able to defeat their effort again this session. Read More...

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