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2021 Nevada - Summer Magazine

Summer 2021

The 2021 BIG DOGS event was record setting. More bowlers and golfers came to howl, and they did. If you weren’t in Las Vegas for the 2021 edition you missed an opportunity to meet with your suppliers and customers. The pictures below tell our story of great networking among suppliers, marketers, vendors and friends. Our Sponsors - Premier: Federated Insurance; Platinum: Chevron Products, Pro Petroleum and Valero Marketing & Supply; Gold: Flyers Energy, HollyFrontier Refining & Marketing, Hunt & Sons, McGinley & Associates, Mohsen Transportation and Sinclair Oil; Silver: Marathon Petroleum, Petroleum Equipment Company, Phillips 66, Pilot Thomas Logistics, Rebel Oil, River City Petroleum, SC Fuels, Terrible Herbst and Capitol Partners – Thank you one and all! Read More...

2021 Nevada - Spring Magazine

Spring 2021

The Nevada Legislature began its 81st session on Monday, February 1st and this session is unlike any other in which I have participated. This virtual gathering left the public including lobbyists outside of the legislative building as well as some of the process. That said, your association will represent the interests of all its members despite virtual rather than in person contact. Read More...

2020 Nevada - Winter Magazine

Winter 2020

Fueling Nevada has been very engaged with our members to provide the most current state and local COVID directives and enforcement activities throughout Nevada. We utilize our website, Twitter and LinkedIn to get our message out. We are eliminating the clutter and providing the most current information to our members without duplicating information. Read More...

2020 Nevada - Fall Magazine

Fall 2020

This includes the latest information on bills passed and signed in the Nevada Legislative Session II, July and August 2020. Governor Sisolak signed Senate Bill 4 (SB4) which provides limited liability protection for Nevada businesses as well as casino worker protections from COVID-19 exposure while on the job. This bill is NOT blanket protection for businesses from lawsuits. To gain some form of protection a business MUST be in substantial compliance with controlling health standards. Read More...

2020 Nevada - Spring Magazine

Spring 2020

A lot has happened since our last article. The Governor and key democrat legislators continue to be consumed by the Nevada Green House Gas (GHG) report. Bottom line is the transportation sector is the villain, the number one source of GHG emissions in Nevada. Read More...

2019 Nevada - Winter Magazine

Winter 2019

That’s right - Nevada marketers and their employees left Four Thousand Dollars on the table last year because no one applied for the WPMA/NPM&CSA scholarship. Please don’t let it happen again! A high school senior who has a parent employed by a member company may apply. The application is due March 1, 2020, but you can download the application NOW at and start filling it out. Please get the word out to your employees now by using your company’s email system. WPMA can provide electronic and paper scholarship flyers for you to send to your employees not once or twice, but three or four times. Read More...

2019 Nevada - Autumn Magazine

Fall 2019

Thank you to all our members who were involved in our grassroots effort to dissuade the members of the Reno City Council from approving a new sign ordinance that limits how often a digital gasoline price sign may be changed in a 24-hour period, and limits the brightness of the sign at night. Read More...

2019 Nevada - Summer Magazine

Summer 2019

Nevada Petroleum Marketers and C-Store owners visited the Federal Capitol to talk with our legislators about the Renewable Fuel Standard or RFS reform, Biodiesel Blender Tax Credit reauthorization, and several federal tobacco issues - mainly the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) issuing draft guidance that would ban the sale of most e-cigarettes and flavored cigars at c-stores. Read More...

2019 Nevada - Spring Magazine

Spring 2019

Thirty Three percent (33%) of the legislative session is over and all we have to show for it is a gun registration bill that has no enforcement provisions; but it feels so good!.... Read More...

2018 Nevada - Winter Magazine

Winter 2018

Nevada Petroleum Marketers & C-Store Association and the WPMA Scholarship Foundation are proud to announce their “Four Thousand Dollar Scholarship” that will be awarded to a Nevada high school senior in May 2019. Please promote this scholarship to an eligible son or daughter from your company. But, the student must apply to be considered! Associate members may also participate in the WPMA Associate-at-large scholarship. Read More...

2018 Nevada - Summer Magazine

Summer 2018

Marketers and suppliers enjoyed the 2018 edition of "Big Dogs," the Nevada Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Owners Association annual membership event, which included two new features: NETWORK BOWLING and a PAC SILENT AUCTION. This year?s Big Dogs wrapped up the first week of May in Las Vegas. Read More...

2018 Nevada - Spring Magazine

Spring 2018

In 1953 the Intermountain Oil Jobbers Association (IOJA) was formed in Salt Lake City, Utah. The new association included oil jobbers from Utah and Idaho. In 1964, IOJA changed its names to Intermountain Oil Marketers Association (IOMA). Nevada remained part of the Utah Association until 1968 when the Nevada Petroleum Marketers became the fifth member state of IOMA. The first president was Archie Lani, distributor for Atlantic Richfield of Elko, Nevada. In 1985 IOMA changed its name to the Western Petroleum Marketers Association (WPMA) and its offices remained in Salt Lake City.... Read More...

2017 Nevada - State Report

Winter 2017

If you were to receive a text-message right now, you're either going to stop and look at your phone or you'll wait until you're done reading this. My guess is the former. The bottom line is: text messages get read. So why do so many companies still rely on e-mail and memos to communicate with their staff? Read More...

2017 Nevada - Fall Magazine

Fall 2017

The Nevada Equal Rights Commission has published its official notice for the new Nevada Pregnant Workers' Fairness Act. Nevada employers with at least 15 full and or part time employees including state and local governments MUST immediately post this notice in the workplace in a conspicuous place (e.g., where other legal employee notices are currently posted). Read More...

2017 Nevada - Summer Magazine

Summer 2017

The Big Dogs came out to play in Las Vegas at the Mob Museum and TCP Las Vegas May 4th and 5th. The annual Nevada Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association event featured a gourmet dinner, an entertaining speaker, and golf. This year's venue was a museum dedicated to the mob bosses who ruled Kansas City, Chicago, Boston and yes, Las Vegas. Our speaker was Frank Cullotta, a former mob enforcer. Frank pulled no punches in telling marketers and guests how business was done in the "firm," including Las Vegas, where Frank was based. It was not a pretty story, but a reflection on how the mob did business in the 1960s and 70s. Read More...

2017 Nevada State Report - Spring 2017

Spring 2017

In November, a blue tsunami washed away the 2014 red tide that took Republican control of both houses of the legislature, constitutional officer and a sitting governor. Unlike the majority of states, Nevada went big time blue in the state Senate and Assembly. The new Democratic majority has pledged to undo much of what the Republicans passed in 2015, except, of course, the commerce tax that has caused our members nothing but time, money and frustration. Read More...

2017 Nevada - Winter Magazine

Winter 2017

It is WPMA Scholarship Application time again. Please use the link here and download the NPM&CSA Scholarship application for 2017. If you get the word out to your employees, this can be an employee sponsored benefit. Please use this link to download applications, payroll stuffers and more promotional material you can use to promote this important employee benefit. Read More...

2016 Nevada - Fall Magazine

Fall 2016

New officers and directors were elected for a two year term beginning July 1st. Elected as President Bob Prary, Flyers Energy; Vice President Jeremy Bautista, River City Petroleum; and EMA Director Gregg Benson, Rebel Oil. Elected as Directors: Kristy Cotrell, Morton's Truckstop; Robert Flippo, Pilot-Thomas Logistics; Chris Kemper, Terrible Herbst Oil; and Joe McGinley, McGinley & Associates. Read More...

2016 Nevada - Summer Magazine

Summer 2016

Spring 2016 was a busy period for NPM&CSA officers and directors: President Mark Lytle, Pro Petroleum travelled to White Pine High School, Ely, Nevada to present the Annual WPMA/NPM scholarship to Nefi Perez in May. Mark was thrilled to present the Four Thousand Dollar scholarship on behalf of our members to Nefi who plans to attend XXXXXXX University and study XXXXXXXXXX. To date 25 students from Nevada have been award more than $70,000 in college and vocation educational assistances. Read More...

NPM&CSA President's Report

Spring 2016

The Governor's commerce tax continues to be a hassle for marketers, some rules and regulations are still in flux. Some marketers are charging a sir charge to their customers to try to recover some of the tax. The association is working with the Department of Tax to try lessen the filing burden for companies reporting under 4 million in gross receipts. Read More...

NPM&CSA Opposes Carbon Tax

Fall 2015

In early December, world leaders will gather in Paris to develop plans for reducing global carbon dioxide emissions. One plan that has gained support among some officials over the years is for countries to impose a tax on carbon dioxide emissions. In English this means a tax on transportation fuel like gasoline and most forms of electricity generation i.e. a national energy tax. Read More...

Big Dogs - Continue to Bark

Summer 2015

In mid-May, 65 "big dogs" gathered in Las Vegas for the fourth annual Big Dogs Shoot. This year the dogs chowed down at the J.W. Marriott in Summerlin. Following three previous years of success, members and guests met around the water bowl for refreshments, a cool raffle to benefit our federal PAC, red meat, and our featured speaker, Mark Hall-Patton. Read More...

We Card Awareness Month

Aug 2015

September is We Card Awareness Month and 2015 marks the 20th Anniversary of the We Card Program and its service to the retail community to raise awareness of and compliance with tobacco and age-restricted product laws (now including e-vapor products.) Read More...

2015 Nevada - Spring Magazine

Spring 2015

During this session, we have had numerous meetings with legislators, lobbying important issues and working to insure that our voice is being heard in the legislative building. Read More...

2014 Nevada - Winter Magazine

Winter 2014

Last month's election in Nevada was not just a red wave but a red tsunami. Not only did the Republicans achieve majorities in both the Senate and the Assembly, they swept all six constitutional offices, which has not occurred since 1929. A surprise turn of events was turning Congressional District 4 red with the election of Cresent Hardy to the US House of Representatives, and holding both Congressional District 1 and 2 for the Republicans. Read More...

Nevada State Report - Success Through Change - Fall 2014

Fall 2014

To encourage everyone to attend EMA's Day on Capitol Hill which happens to fall on May 6-8, please note Big Dogs Shootout4 (BDS4) has been changed to Thursday-Friday, May 14-15. For more details on the event go to By popular demand, the Big Dogs are staying another year at the Red Rock Casino & Spa, for the FOURTH annual Big Dogs Shootout. Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa provides the ultimate Las Vegas resort experience. Read More...

Nevada State Report - Summer 2014

Jun 2014

Marketers, Suppliers, Vendors and Guests joined NPM&CSA for the 3rd Annual Big Dogs (BDS3) Shootout at the Red Rock Casino and Resort in Summerlin. Thursday's epicurean dinner featured Rick and Kelly Dale of the History Channel's hit TV show American Restoration. NPM&CSA President John Saxon also presented the members of the newly elected board of directors. Friday featured another morning of outstanding golf weather at Bear's Best. This unique golf course featured 18 exhilarating holes, hand-selected by Jack Nicklaus from his 270 designs worldwide. NPM&CSA wants to acknowledge the more than 14 years Keith Stewart served as our go-to-guy for golf. A special thank you to Chairman Keith, and we hope you enjoy your new title as golf chairman emeritus! Read More...

President's State Report - John Saxon

April 2014

Big Dogs Shootout3 is set for May 8 - 9 at the Red Rock Casino & Spa, Las Vegas. Following the successful format from last year the Shootout begins on Thursday evening with a reception, dinner and speaker. The year our speakers are Rick & Kelly Dale of Rick's Restoration, a popular History Channel reality TV show. Friday morning the marketers tee off at Bear's Best for a round of fellowship golf followed by lunch and awards. This year's fundraising goal is to net $25K to the association. Read More...

2013 Holiday Greetings - Nevada State Report

Dec 2013

On the regulatory front two important issues have been resolved by direct intervention by your association. First is Washoe County's suspension of the oxy winter time fuel program, and second is the very narrow interpretation of the dyed diesel sales tax collection - Read More...

Nevada State Report - June 2013

Jun 2013

Last week saw the end of the 77th Session of the Nevada Legislature. More than 1000 bills were introduced in the 120 day session; 26 of them impacted petroleum marketers.

NPM&CSA did not sponsor any specific legislation but rather was on defense this session. Among the most egregious bills was a trial lawyers' effort to require any business that had video surveillance to produce a tape of an alleged slip or fall or other accident when requested by an attorney. This is the second session the trial bar has attempted to pass such legislation in Nevada. A broad-based coalition of small businesses was able to defeat their effort again this session. Read More...

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