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Important Issues

Help OFA fight for Self-Service in Oregon

Thank you for your generous contribution! With it, OFA can adequately engage a media strategist to coordinate and promote Self-Service/Customer Choice across all the various media platforms in Oregon. Our campaign will greatly influence legislators across both parties, providing the bipartisan support needed to pass this legislation.

Join us as we continue to show Oregon legislators that there is ongoing strong public support for Self-Service/Customer Choice.

The Oregon Fuels Association (OFA) and its members are latterly fueling Oregon families and businesses. Our members care deeply about keeping fuels affordable and advocate for common sense policies that help accomplish that.

Fuel Affordability

Families across our state depend on affordable fuels for heating their home and getting them the places that they need to go every day. The price that our families and small businesses pay impacts the cost of so many the essentials we depend on. OFA is the state’s leading consumer advocate for common-sense laws and regulations that balance affordable fuels and environmental stewardship. OFA is fighting to protect family budgets from being stretched any further and have been a strong voice for ensuring that local residents have the opportunity to vote on local gas tax increases.

Low Carbon Fuels

Oregon’s locally owned fuel providers are leaders in the use of fuel blending and promoting the use of low carbon fuels and biofuels. We’re dedicated to helping Oregon reduce emissions from fuels by at least 10 percent by 2025. In fact, local stations helped eliminate millions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions since the Clean Fuels Program was implemented in 2015.

Cap and Trade

While initiatives like Oregon’s low carbon fuel standard (Clean Fuels Program) is spurring innovation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in affordable and cost-effective ways, legislative proposals to enact cap and trade in Oregon could cost local families and businesses significantly. Most projections suggest that consumers would pay over 20 cents more for every gallon of fuel. OFA recognizes that our customers cannot just absorb this huge added expense. That is why we are advocating for cost-effective solutions that ensure global reductions of greenhouse gas emissions while not unfairly penalizing Oregon drivers and businesses.

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Help OFA fight for Self-Service in Oregon

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