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The original name of the Association was Intermountain Oil Jobbers Association, as filed September 25, 1953 in Salt Lake City, Utah by N. J. Williams, President & Director. On September 25, 1964 the organization's name was changed from the "Intermountain Oil Jobbers Association" to "Intermountain Oil Marketers Association". A third name change came on May 28, 1985, when the membership voted to change the Association's name from Intermountain Oil Marketers Association to the "Western Petroleum Marketers Association" (WPMA), the name currently held. WPMA's main office is located in Taylorsville, Utah, a close neighbor to Salt Lake City.

WPMA is made up of eight separate state associations, including Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah and Washington. Originally, marketers from the states of Utah, Idaho, and Nevada formed the association with marketers from Arizona, Montana and Eastern Washington, known as the Inland Empire, joining soon after. Most of the states organized with their own officers in the late 1960's. Washington state marketers unified and joined the IOMA (WPMA) in 1982 with the Inland Empire in the east and the WIED association in the west. The state of New Mexico joined the WPMA Association in January 1992, and Hawaii marketers became members in 1993. Each state association is organized with a President, Vice President, EMA Director and area directors. Most have a State Executive who administers state programs under the direction of the State Board of Directors. These duties include lobbying state legislatures, representation before state government agencies, membership services, and state convention management. Each state provides three officers (President, Vice President and EMA Director) who sit on the WPMA Board of Directors.

All of the state associations are members of the Energy Marketers of America (EMA) which represents petroleum marketers on national issues in Washington D.C. Each state is able to have one marketer seated on the EMA Board.

The WPMA CEO is Gene Inglesby. He can be contacted by calling 801-263-9762, or by e-mail: genei@wpma.com

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