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2024 Utah - Spring Magazine

Spring 2024

Utah’s 2024 Legislative Session ran its 45 days until March 1st and being an election year, the Legislature gave Utahns another income tax cut. Leadership had set aside $160 million to drop the state’s income tax rate another 0.1%. Read More...

2023 Utah - Winter Magazine

Winter 2023

Jazz Great, Thurl Bailey was our 2023 Convention Keynote Speaker. He led us through a teamwork drill and then shared stories from his childhood and early career that were both inspira- tional and touching. Over 115 attendees were present at the lunch on October 26th in St. George, Utah, where we also honored two board members who are retiring at the end of year, and departing the UPMRA board of directors: Doug Hyer with Pilot Thomas Logistics, and Stacey Bettridge with Rhinehart Oil. Read More...

2023 Utah - Fall Magazine

Fall 2023

On Thursday, October 26th in St. George, Utah, join UPMRA members in welcoming Jazz great, Thurl Bailey to the UPMRA 2023 Convention & Trade Show at the Hilton Garden Inn.

At our keynote lunch, hear the inspiring words of Thurl Bailey on how to win, whatever the odds or disappointments. Read More...

2023 Utah - Summer Magazine

Summer 2023

The House Majority Leader introduced and passed HB301, which reduces the indexed portion of the State gas tax by 2 cents until 2028, and shifted some of the tax burden to public electric vehicle charging stations, where a 12.5% charging fee will be imposed. Residential and free charging is exempt. The bill also imposes a higher (+$7) registration fee on EV vehicles. Read More...

2023 Utah - Spring Magazine

Spring 2023

Utah’s 2023 Legislative Session ran its 45 days until March 3rd and true to Senate President Stuart Adams and House Speaker Brad Wilson’s word at the beginning of the session, this was the third year in a row Utahns got an income tax cut. Read More...

2022 Utah - Winter Magazine

Winter 2022

In 2015, Utah State legislators modified Utah’s straight gas tax by adding an indexed aspect to the gas tax, which increases based on a rolling 3-year average. Because of high gas prices in 2022, the gas tax is set to readjust on January 1, 2023 with a 4.5 cent increase, which equates to a 14% tax hike. Read More...

2022 Utah - Fall Magazine

Fall 2022

UPMRA members and associates enjoyed a great line-up of convention speakers on September 15th, who covered critical topics including Cybersecurity, the Economy, and Retaining Key Employees. And Craig Bolerjack, the Voice of the Utah Jazz gave an outstanding keynote address on Trust and Teamwork... from Locker Room to Office during lunch, prior to our industry trade show. Read More...

2022 Utah - Summer Magazine

Summer 2022

On Thursday, June 23rd, UPMRA members and associates joined at Stonebridge Golf Course in West Valley, for a fun day of golf, networking and raising money for the UPMRA State PAC Fund. We began at 6:30 a.m. with a continental breakfast, range balls and goodie bags! The shotgun tee time was 7:30 a.m. Read More...

2022 Utah - Spring Magazine

Spring 2022

The Utah Legislature’s 2022 General Session began on Tuesday, January 18th and ended on Friday, March 4th. This year’s session began with COVID infections way up, but unlike last year, there were no COVID health restrictions. All committee meetings were in-person and open to the public, but also live-streamed, giving the public an opportunity to speak on any bill. Read More...

2021 Utah - Winter Magazine

Winter 2021

Chad Lewis, who began his football career at BYU and was a walk-on, free agent Tight End who played in the NFL for nine years with the Philadelphia Eagles and the St. Louis Rams, was the 2021 UPMRA Keynote Speaker. He was a draw, and spoke to over 100 attendees during lunch on September 16th in Park City, Utah. Read More...

2021 Utah - Fall Magazine

Fall 2021

Chad Lewis is the 2021 UPMRA Keynote Speaker, who is speaking during lunch on Thursday, September 16th at the Park City Sheraton.

Chad began his football career at BYU. He was a walk-on, free agent Tight End who played in the NFL for 9 years with the Philadelphia Eagles and the St. Louis Rams. He helped get the Eagles into the Super Bowl with 2 TDs in the NFC Championship Game and was elected to the Pro Bowl 3 times! Read More...

2021 Utah - Summer Magazine

Summer 2021

On Thursday, June 24th, join UPMRA members and associates at Bountiful Ridge Golf Club in Bountiful, for a fun day of golf, networking and raising money for the UPMRA State PAC Fund.

We begin at 6:30 a.m. with a continental breakfast, range balls and goodie bags! The shotgun tee time is 7:30 a.m.

There will be several prize holes, including a 155-yard shot at winning $10,000 with a hole-in-one! Fun new Cheater Cards will spice up play, and loads of prizes will be awarded during lunch, on the patio, after the golf. Read More...

2021 Utah - Spring Magazine

Spring 2021

The 2021 UPMRA Convention is scheduled for the Sheraton Park City, formerly the Park City Marriott on Sidewinder Drive, September 15-17, 2021, where we wanted to be in 2020. Following the success of our current convention schedule, we will begin with a board meeting on Wednesday from 4:00-5:30 PM prior to an opening reception, followed by a big day of education and the Trade Show on Thursday, and end the Convention with golf on Friday morning at Mountain Dell Golf Course. Read More...

2020 Utah - Winter Magazine

Winter 2020

Heading into the 2020 State Legislative elections, UPMRA handed out or mailed campaign contribution checks to 85 incumbents and candidates, totaling $12,600. Additionally, UPMRA donated $3,750 to House and Senate Political Parties, and $500 to our future governor Spencer Cox. Total UPMRA contributions for 2020 were $16,850. Read More...

2020 Utah - Fall Magazine

Fall 2020

DEQ reports state compliance with new UST System Testing Requirements is at 72%; last year, we were only 51% compliant. Currently, spill prevention and cathodic protection are both over 90% compliant. Overfill protection has over 80% compliance, with Release Detecting only at 75%, bringing the total number down somewhat. However, DEQ believes compliance is higher and they are just waiting for final reports to be filed by tank owners. Read More...

2020 Utah - Spring Magazine

Spring 2020

The Utah State legislative session began on January 27, and ended March 12, 2020, with me writing this report on March 2nd, so some changes are expected after this recap. Now into the fifth week, our lobbyist, Gary Thorup, describes the legislative session thus far as: slow, methodical, quiet and subdued; “it is as if the tax reform battle from last year sucked all of the life out of the legislators.” Read More...

2019 Utah - Winter Magazine

Winter 2019

UPMRA Legislative Lunch, November 22 at Hotel RL members joined the gas tax and vaping discussion that was held at noon in Salt Lake; with the Legislative Tax Reform Task Force recommending a sales tax on motor fuel and diesel, and the Department of Health ordering flavored vape products out of grocery and C-stores, members had a lot to talk about with State Legislators. All members and key employees were invited to attend lunch and the UPMRA Fall board meeting held before lunch, also at Hotel RL. Read More...

2019 Utah - Autumn Magazine

Fall 2019

Chane was born and raised in Ogden, Utah where his family business, Kellerstrass Oil Company was founded over 70 years ago, in 1948. Chane now lives in Salt Lake City, with “a wonderful wife named Becky and together we have a two-year-old boy named Jackson. We also have a 3-year-old Yellow Lab named Sage that gets most of the attention in our household,” states Chane. Lucky enough to live in a very active community centered around families and the great outdoors, Chane enjoys sharing quality time with nearby family and friends exploring the scenic wonders of Utah. Read More...

2019 Utah - Summer Magazine

Summer 2019

Roy Hall is 38 years old, married to a lovely lady, and together they have 4 children. The Hall family lives in Cache Valley, a rural farming community filled with cows and approximately 1700 people in 26 square miles. "The best thing about our community is that we are very self-reliant," states Roy, "members of my community volunteer to serve and help each other. People are very friendly and we stick together." Read More...

2019 Utah - Spring Magazine

Spring 2019

The Utah State legislative session began on January 28 and ended March 14, 2019, with me writing this report on March 4th, so some changes are expected.

In late February, UPMRA held another successful Day-on-the-Hill lunch meeting, and we were honored to have Rep. Robert Spendlove and Rep. Tim Quinn, the Chair and Vice-chair of the House Revenue & Taxation Committee and the major House co-sponsors of the Legislature's major tax reform/modernization legislation – HB 441 address our group .Sen. Don Ipson also attended and provided a general legislative overview, and Rep. Jen Dailey-Provost came to discuss her HB 274, dealing with the sale of flavored tobacco products. Read More...

2018 Utah - Winter Magazine

Winter 2018

Join UPMRA members and State Legislators at our annual "Day on Capitol Hill" held during the legislative session. This year, on Wednesday, February 27, 2019, plan to invite your key employees to lunch at noon, and a meeting with State legislators as we discuss current legislative issues. Depending on what issues are being debated by the legislature, we may lobby State legislators after lunch. Read More...

2018 Utah - Summer Magazine

Summer 2018

On Thursday, June 21, join UPMRA members and associates at TalonsCove Golf Club in Saratoga Springs, for a fun day of golf, networking and raising money for the UPMRA State PAC Fund.
We begin at 7:00 a.m. with a continental breakfast that includes waffles smothered with Magleby's fresh scrumptious syrup. Goodie bags and range balls will be handed out before our shotgun tee time at 8:00 a.m.
Take your shot at winning $10,000 with a hole-in-one, and numerous opportunities to win other prizes, awarded during lunch after the golf round! Read More...

2018 Utah - Spring Magazine

Spring 2018

Blain grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. He graduated from Granger High School, served an LDS mission to London, England, where he fell in love with fish and chips drizzled with malt vinegar, and then attended the University of Utah, where he graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Economics and a Political Science minor. While attending college, Blain coached football at a local high school, thinking this could be his "career," until he realized compensation for teachers and coaches is not sustainable. Blain does still enjoy supporting and coaching his sons in whatever sport they are playing at the time. Read More...

2017 Utah - UPMRA Scores Legislative and Regulatory Wins

Winter 2017

"It was a good day for the Utah Petroleum Marketers, "stated Senator Margaret Dayton after the Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Interim Committee passed out as a committee bill, Representative Steve Eliason's UST Tank Program Re-authorization Amendments. In addition to the ten year re-authorization of the UST Tank Program and Trust Fund, the bill includes an increase to $100,000 per tank and $300,000 per facility as the amount allowed for new loans made from the PST Loan Fund. That means, the bill is ready to go to the House floor for a vote, the first week of the session. No additional hearings required! Read More...

2017 Utah - Fall Magazine

Fall 2017

UPMRA President Carl Hunt asked John Hillam to serve as the association's Vice President for 2017-19, and the board of directors ratified the nomination. John is currently V.P. of Power Move, a division of Maverik, Inc., having joined them in 2010 following eight years at Flying J, where he served as its Director of Fuel Supply and Logistics. John has a B.S. in Accounting and Economics from Utah State University. Read More...

2017 Utah - Summer Magazine

Summer 2017

On Thursday, June 22, join UPMRA members and associates at Stonebridge Golf Course in West Valley City, for a fun day of golf, networking and raising money for the UPMRA State PAC Fund. We begin at 6:30 a.m. with goodie bags, continental breakfast, and range balls before a shotgun tee time at 7:30 a.m. Take a shot at winning $10,000 with a hole-in-one. Enjoy prizes galore and a delicious lunch of fajitas after the golf round! Read More...

2017 Utah State Report - Spring 2017

Spring 2017

The legislative session began on January 23 and ended March 9, 2017. This year probably more than ever, the major bills, including all tax bills: income, sales and gas, trickled out slowly, leaving only four days before the end of the session for debate and passage by the legislature. Read More...

2017 Utah - Winter Magazine

Winter 2017

Thanks to contributions from many of you, and the hard work of EMA Director, Larry Hansen, UPMRA surpassed its' 2016 EMA PAC Fund goal by 120%, raising a total of $2,990! Utah is one of only 16 states that have exceeded their state goal. Read More...

2016 Utah - Fall Magazine

Fall 2016

The 2016 UPMRA Convention and Trade Show begins Wednesday, September 14, with a Board Meeting and all convention attendees are invited to attend; followed by an early evening reception and Supplier Hospitality.

Thursday is the day you don't want to miss, with a full morning of education, including Lt. Governor Spencer Cox, as our invited lunch speaker. The Trade Show is in the afternoon, followed by dinner and our keynote speaker, Peter Johnson, President of Sinclair Oil, celebrating 100 years in business. Read More...

2016 Utah - Summer Magazine

Summer 2016

On Thursday, June 23, join UPMRA members and associates at Mountain Dell Golf Course in Parleys Canyon, ten minutes from Salt Lake. We begin at 6:45 a.m. with continental breakfast and range balls before a shotgun tee time at 7:30 a.m. Take a shot at winning $10,000 with a hole-in-one. Enjoy prizes galore and a delicious lunch of chicken and ribs after the round! Read More...

Utah Update - March 2016

March 2016

UPMRA members and State Legislators met together on February 24, for our "Day on Capitol Hill" lunch, which we hold annually during the legislative session. This year, Rep. Paul Ray spoke about his attempt to tax e-cigarettes (HB333) as a tobacco product, where there currently is only a sales tax. The issue has elicited social media threats against Rep. Ray's student coalition, and the bill has not even had a committee hearing. A separate bill attempting to increase to 21, the legal age to purchase tobacco products, failed in committee late in the session. Read More...

Utah Update - November 2016

November 2015

Thanks to contributions from many of you, and the tenacity of EMA Director Larry Hansen, UPMRA surpassed its 2015 EMA PAC Fund goal by nearly 50%, raising a total of $2,785.

For next year, WPMA President Brad Bell, who is also serving as EMA PAC Co-Chair, has challenged all states to up their game and raise a combined, goal-busting $250,000 in individual PAC contributions for 2016! Read More...

2015 Utah - Summer Magazine

Summer 2015

On July 1, Mike Sullivan, owner/operator of Mike's Chevron in Orem will become president of UPMRA after serving on the State board for the past seven years Read More...

2015 Utah - Fall Magazine

Fall 2015

While the new UST rules are still not published in the Federal Registry, we have been provided an overview of the new tank requirements by Utah's DEQ, which must seek legislative approval of the new regulations, which will likely be a 3-4 year process. Read More...

2015 Utah - Spring Magazine

Spring 2015

On February 25, UPMRA held its annual legislative Day on Capitol Hill in Utah's State Capitol. We had good attendance by UPMRA members and board members. We heard presentations by Senator Stevenson on Flavored Malt Beverages, and Senator Van Tassell on the two competing motor fuel tax bills. Rep. Don Ipson also attended and joined in on the motor fuel discussion. In addition, Rep. Paul Ray spoke about his e-cigarette licensing legislation. Those in attendance had a good discussion about these legislative proposals and other bills of potential interest to UPMRA members. Read More...

2014 Utah - Winter Magazine

Winter 2014

The Utah State Legislature did not waste any time when, two days after the mid-term election, the Republicans elected their leadership for the 2015-2016 legislative sessions.

The Senate Republicans stayed with the same team as 2013-2014 with Wayne Niederhauser as Senate President; Ralph Okerlund, Majority Leader; Stuart Adams, Majority Whip; and Peter Knudson, Assistant Majority Whip. The House Republicans elected Greg Hughes as Speaker of the House; Jim Dunnigan, Majority Leader; Francis Gibson, Majority Whip; and Brad Wilson, Assistant Majority Whip. Read More...

Utah State Report - Success Through Change - Fall 2014

Fall 2014

UPMRA is a charter member of the Utah Business Coalition (UBC), whose members, this summer, met one-on-one with 18 new candidates for the State Legislature. After introductions, the discussion shifted to the importance to UBC members that future State Legislators are pro-business, and what that means in order to garner our campaign support. Read More...

Utah Update - June 2014

June 2014

The 2014 UPMRA Convention and Trade Show begins on Wednesday evening, September 10th, with a Welcome Reception at the Park City Marriott in Park City, Utah, followed by a night of Supplier Hospitality. Read More...

Utah Update - August 2013

April 2014

On February 26, UPMRA held its annual legislative Day on Capitol Hill in Utah's State Capitol. We had good attendance by UPMRA members and board members. We heard presentations by Rep. Johnny Anderson and Sen. John Valentine concerning their different motor fuel tax bills. Rep. Don Ipson also attended and joined in that discussion. In addition, Rep. Steve Eliason spoke about his UST legislation. Those in attendance had a good discussion about these legislative proposals and other bills of potential interest to UPMRA members, and discussed member concerns. Read More...

2013 Holiday Greetings - Utah State Report

Dec 2013

The final report from the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Privatization of the Petroleum Storage Tank Fund study was presented on November 20 in the Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment Interim Committee. Representative Steve Eliason intends to run legislation that proposes various changes to the fund. Read More?

Utah Update - August 2013

Aug 2013

In 2013, the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) was charged with studying Privatization of the Petroleum Storage Tank Fund to determine if moving in that direction, or adding a risk-based criteria to the current fund, makes more sense for the long term health of the Fund. UPMRA is concerned about small and medium sized independent retailers who depend on the Fund to maintain their EPA required pollution mitigation insurance that helps protect the environment. Read More...

2012 Legislative Report

Grass Roots Lobby - UPMRA Day of the Hill

Eighteen UPMRA members and friends came to UPMRA's 3rd Annual "Legislative Day on Capitol Hill." We had Representatives Don Ipson and Steve Eliason talk about the struggles we are facing getting HB325, the Re- authorization of the Motor Fuel Marketing Act, through the House.

Additionally, Rep. Eliason spoke about HB150 that proposes a study of the PST Fund (see below) and Representative Paul Ray addressed HB95 that targets Smoke shops and the State of Utah's attempt to eliminate the illegal sell of spice, a synthetic drug with marijuana effects.

Motor Fuel Marketing Act's Fight in the Legislature

During the State Legislature's September Business and Labor Interim Committee meeting, UPMRA members were successful in convincing the legislators to reauthorize the Motor Fuel Marketing Act for an additional five years. During the legislative session, HB325 passed out of committee on a 9 to 4 vote; however, reauthorization of the act has continued to face an uphill battle with "free market" legislators, the Sutherland Institute, and faceless bloggers working hard to sunset the law.

The attorney general's office is also opposed to reauthorization, claiming they have no funding to pursue violations. The bill passed the House on a 41 to 31 vote and was not prioritized high enough by House Leadership, which let to the bill not being heard by the Senate.

UPMRA members have explained to State legislators that the law protects competition, not inefficient competitors, which helps keep pump prices down in Utah. Because the MFMA was not reauthorized, the law will sunset in July 2012.

Underground Storage Tank Bills

There were three Underground Storage Tank bills debated on Capitol Hill in 2012, two of which UPMRA supported, while one bill: HB150 is more problematic for our members... in summary:

HB195 transfers the responsibility to determine the actuarial soundness of the underground storage tank fund from the State Risk Manager to the Executive Director of the Department of Environmental Quality and it authorizes the Executive Director to recommend the fee structure to the Legislature to maintain a solvent cash balance for the PST Fund. This bill died on the Senate floor calendar on the last day of the 2011 session; it passed easily this year.

HB 343 modifies the definition of ?certified underground storage tank consultant?, grants rulemaking to the DEQ relating to the registration of underground storage tank operators, and most importantly, provides for the identification of underground storage tanks that do not qualify for a certificate of compliance to be ?red-tagged.? The UST Taskforce took up this issue that should reduce the number of driver errors; dropping fuel into non-compliant tanks. Instead of every tank that is in compliance needing a tag, now only the non-compliant tanks will be tagged. HB343 also passed

HB 150 did not pass, dying on the Senate second reading calendar. It provided for the DEQ to study the financial viability of the underground storage tank fund, and would have required that a report be made to the Legislature no later than November 30, 2012. The sponsor, Representative Eliason's stated intent is to reduce the State?s unfunded liability (equity balance), which would likely have required putting in place a risk based program based on age and construction of the tank. If that approach were to have proved unworkable, moving all USTs to private insurance would have been debated by all interested parties during the 2013 legislative session. We will likely see this bill again next year.

The 2012 legislative session saw only one cigarette related bill pass: HB95, which defines what a "smoke shop" is, and where smoke shops can legally operate. This effort by Representative Paul Ray is to stop the illegal sell of "spice" (synthetic marijuana). A Roll-Your-Own cigarette taxation bill (SB276) was drafted but never heard. Many states have debated similar bills and there is talk at EMA of federal legislation. We will continue to keep an eye on this issue and report future action.

90% of Utah's UST Operators In Compliance!

As of March 1, 2012, the State of Utah DEQ reports that over 90% of all UST operators have registered and passed the operator training exam. For the most part, those not yet in compliance (approximately 150 tank operators) own nonoperating sites with tanks still in the ground. The DEQ is sending letters outlining two options: remove the tanks, or comply with EPA's Operator Training requirements, which have a deadline of August 1, 2012.

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