WPMAEXPO 2024 - Speaker - Rebekah Gregory

Date: February 21, 2025
Event: Ladies' Luncheon

Rebekah Gregory's life was forever changed due to the bombings at the Boston Marathon on April 15th, 2013. This act of terrorism may have claimed her leg, but it could not claim her spirit. Forced to leave her normalcy on that Boston sidewalk, Rebekah has devoted the past decade to turning her pain into her life's purpose. Today, she is a sought after inspirational speaker, author, coach and Founder of Rebekah's Angels Foundation, a non-profit that provides funding for mental health therapy for children and families suffering from trauma.

Rebekah travels the world sharing lessons of strength and resilience with audiences of all sorts. Through her gift of humor, and the ability to share from a deep and personal place, she reminds people that no matter what bombs may go off in their own lives, there is life to be lived, even if you are on your last leg!

Keynote Speaker

Jesse Watters
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Wednesday, February 21
Ladies' Luncheon

Rebekah Gregory

Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor

Thursday, February 22
Educational Session

Stephen Moore

Former Senior Economic Advisor to President Donald Trump

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