b'Industry Issues for 2023 2022 WPMA State Report Our priority issues for 2023: The Lay of the Land for 2023: As an industry, weve had our share of battles in the past few years. We hope for a quieter ses-sion in 2023 where, for a change, we can play defense rather than offense: Hold the Line on Consumer Protection, keep an eye out for new regulations, taxes and the unintended consequences of all the good ideas that new legislators bring to the Statehouse. We hope to let these fresh new folks settle into their new jobs, get the lay of the land, and help make government work effectively for the citizens of the Great State of Idaho. The Best Defense Our priority for 2023 is to keep our heads down, develop relationships with newly elected officials, andcontinue to provide information on how the industry works. We are blessed in Idaho with a citizen legislature, and for the most part, these folks come to Boise with the best of intentions. Theywith key legislators and government officials to ensure that our dont get paid all that much, they leave their day jobs, and theyindustry is represented in the development of Idaho laws and reg-bring their own experience and background to their decision-mak- ulations. The 2021 legislative session proved the value of personal ing. They are faced with the complicated workings of governmentrelationships with lawmakers as we were able to pass legislation and how their ideas can be implemented. Its our job provide theto update and clarify the Idaho Consumer Protection Act. information they need to make good decisions. Its your job, as aAs always, thanks to our members, vendors and friends who support representative of our industry, to be part of the process.our IPM&CSA PAC golf tournaments that make these contributions Bringing Value Inside the Process: As we roll into a new year,possible! Also, a huge Thank You to our member companies IPM&CSA is well positioned to protect and defend our industrywho donate countless hours to making these events a success!in the 2023 legislative session. As always, we will be on guard forBy the NumbersIPM&CSA Political Contributionsnew taxes and regulations. And we are always on the watch for transportation and fuel-related legislation. Proposals that pro- In the 2022 Election Cycle:vide tax and market incentives to enhance the use of E-Vehicles,$14,750 to 38 candidates / May Primary Election renewable fuels and alternative energy are gaining ground across$8,300 to 29 candidates / November General Election the country, and we can expect them to appear in Idaho. Our$24,050 Total 2022 Contributionsdeep red state isnt immune to the climate change debate, andIn the past two decades:we should be prepared to explain and defend the value of liquid$202,550 to candidatespetroleum fuels in the energy marketplace.$356,501 raised in PAC Golf eventsHere are some things we will be watching for: Office of Energy and Mineral Resources:Upcoming Events Mark your Calendar: - Idaho Strategic Energy Alliance, Alternative Fuels Task Force ReportIdaho Member meeting in Las Vegas:- Idaho State NEVI Plan2022 State of Idaho Electric Tuesday, February 21, 2023 Time 4pm/location TBA Vehicle Infrastructure Baseline Plan Come get an update on the 2023 legislative session and weighin on issues impacting our industry. Stand by for details on time Successful PAC Events and place. Help IPM&CSA Keep an Eye out for our 2023 PAC Golf schedule:Support Like-Minded Candidates- Ridgecrest Golf Course, NampaLate April- Magic ValleyJune/JulyIPM&CSA PAC Supports Our Allies at the Statehouse:- Teton ValleyAugust/SeptemberIPM&CSA commits time and resources to legislative andstatewide races and supports elected officials who share our philosophy of government policy and regulations. In the past 20 years, the Idaho PAC has con-tributed $202,550 to candidates! Most importantly - Idaho market-ers continue to build relationships WPMA News / Winter 202215'