b'Winter 2022Presidents MessageASSOCIATION SettingtheInformationRight Example!I do not know about you,but it is very troubling to see theWPMA President,divide in our country. It does not feel as if it is getting better, andKary TonjumI wish there was an easy answer to fix it. As I traveled to the state conventions this last year, I saw the great people in this industry working together and not divided. We compete, we fight, and we may even say things about each other we regret, but when it comes time to fight for our industry, we are one. This is impres-sive and very rewarding to watch. Wouldnt it be nice if our country followed this example? On a positive note, we just finished up a very productive WPMA board meeting preparing our board members for 2023. Our attendance was great, and our team is prepared with strong financials and a game plan for a successful future. I am sure everyone is doing the same thing with their businesses and probably even setting some New Years resolutions for themselves. I know that for me, 2022 was a very busy and challenging year. Our company was bought, we bought a company, and I have had theopportunity to lead WPMA. It has been a great experience and one that I will remember. Thanks to the support of my wife, fellow employees, and the WPMA team, I have survived!Thanks again to all those that donate their timesupporting this association and industry. The state conventions were all awesome this year. This is the result of the state executives, state board members, suppliers, exhibitors, WPMA staff and all those who attend. It is needed, and does not go unnoticed, as our challenges will continue. I am looking forward to seeing everyone in Las Vegas at the 2023 WPMAEXPO. We are expecting another great convention. Continue to set theright example!Merry Christmasand Happy New Year from my familyto yours.S4www.wpma.com / Winter 2022'