b'2022 WPMA State ReportOFA Holiday Event UTAH Petroleum Marketers & Many thanks to those of you who were able toRetailers Association Reportjoin uson December 1 at the Portland Golf Club for our annual Holiday party. Fabulous food and beverages14% Gas Taxalong with great fellowship among colleagues provided for a wonderful and fun evening by all. It is always greatIncrease Comingto gather together. We look forward to celebrating with you again next year! January 1, 2023In 2015, Utah State legislatorsmodified Utahs straight gas tax by adding an indexed aspect to the gas tax, which increases based on a rolling John Hill3-year average.Because of high gas UPMRA prices in 2022, the gas tax is set to Executive Director readjust on January 1, 2023 with a4.5 cent increase, which equates to a 14% tax hike.2023 OFA Conference U UPMRA Lobbyist Gary Thorup and I P attended countless fundraisers and took at Sunriver Resort every opportunity to meet with legisla-M tors, encouraging them to go into special We are excited to announce that next years R session and eliminate or at least suspend Conferenceat Sunriver will be held July 16-18, 2023.the indexed portion of the gas tax.Please keep your eyes open for details in Spring 2023, whenAregistration officially opens. We expect to sell out againHowever, legislative leaders were op-quickly as this is becoming a wonderfully popular familyposed to suspending the indexed por-event. Northwest Pump will again be graciously hosting theirtion of the gas tax, so come January 1st, famous Sunday Dinner, which is a beloved OFA tradition. WeUtahns will be paying 36.4 cents tax per look forward to seeing you all there! gallon for both gasoline and diesel. The Passing of a Pioneer SuccessfulLastly, I would be remiss not toJohn Richardson with2022 ConventionHone Oil honored for mentionthe loss of a pioneer in ourhis years of service industry, Lila Leathers Fitz, upon whomon the UPMRA board & Trade Show!we had the tremendous honor of bestow- Craig Bolerjack, ing a Lifetime Achievement Award thisthe voice of the Utah past July at our convention. Lila sadlyJazz for over 18 passed away on November 1 after a longseasons, was the 2022 battle with Pancreatic cancer. Her lifeUPMRA Keynote celebration was held on November 19Speaker. Craig spoke in Estacada, OR. While her legacy will endure, she will beabout the importance greatly missed by those that loved her. of teamwork as he It is easy to lose sight of the beauty and true meaning of theshared stories of holiday season following times of contention and immensecurrent and previ-sadness. At the end of each year, I find it most important toous Jazz players and quietly reflect on the challenges of the past year, recognize allcoaches that stood that has been weathered and focus on the tremendous promiseout in his memory for that comes with the new year.their ability to build In this and on behalf of Oregon Fuels Association, I wish each ofteam cohesion. Over you the most wonderful of holidays and a very happy New Year! Dave Jardine with Tracey AndersonRhinehart Oil also honored for his yearsof service on the Executive Director, Oregon Fuels AssociationS UPMRA boardWPMA News / Winter 202221'