b'Events to Remember continuedThis Quarter in History . November, December and Januarycompanies in order to provide(Nov 16) President Dwight D. Eisenhower had a stroke. (Nov 14) The Donald Duck story "Christmas insurance coverage for the1957 (Dec 6) The first US attempt to launch a satellite,on Bear Mountain was published in Dell members. In the fall of 1972,the Vanguard TV3, failed when the launch vehicle blewComics Four Color #178 (cover dated the IOMA Insurance Com- up on the launch pad. December 1947), and featured the first mittee voted to establish a(Dec 18) The Bridge on the River Kwai was released in theappearance of Scrooge McDuck.self-funded ERISA programUS. It won the Academy Award for Best Picture. Additional(Nov 17) President Harry S. Truman asked for health insurance. TheOscars went to Alec Guinness (Best Actor) and David LeanCongress for the authority to reimpose price program was established(Best Director), this was Leans first Oscar for directing. controls, rationing and wage controls to and approved by the IRS(Dec 19) Meredith Willsons classic musical The Music Man,prevent national economic calamity.in 1973 and began servicestarring Robert Preston, debuted on Broadway. (Nov 20) Britain\'s Princess Elizabeth married to the membership inPhilip, Duke of Edinburgh in a ceremony at January 1974. (Dec 20) The Boeing 707 airliner flew for the first time. Westminster Abbey, recorded and broadcast by 1972 (Dec 7) Apollo 17, the last manned mission to(Dec 22) The CBS afternoon anthology series BBC Radio to 200 million people around the world.the moon, was launched. The Seven Lively Arts presented a heavily abridged 1947 (Dec 3) Tennessee William\'s play "A Streetcar1973 (Jan/Feb-IOMN)version of Tchaikovskys ballet The Nutcracker on Named Desire" opened on Broadway.New IOMA PresidentUS television for the first time. 1958 (Jan 4) Edmund Hillary\'s Commonwealth Trans- (Dec 6) Arturo Toscanini conducted a concert performance Lowe Ashton and his wifeAntarctic Expedition completed the third overland journeyof the first half of Giuseppe Verdis opera Otello, which welcomed all to the 1973to the South Pole, the first to use powered vehicles.was based on William Shakespeares play Othello, for a 21st annual ConventionSputnik 1 (launched on October 4, 1957) fell to broadcast on NBC Radio. The second half of the opera was and Trade Exposition atEarth from its orbit, and burned up. broadcast a week later.the Sahara Hotel in (Dec 22) The first practical electronic transistor was Las Vegas, NV. (Jan 27) A Soviet-American executive agreement ondemonstrated by John Bardeen and Walter Brattain working 1973 (Jan 14) Elviscultural, educational and scientific exchanges, alsounder William Shockley at AT&Ts Bell Labs.Presley\'s concert in Hawaiiknown as the "LacyZarubin Agreement," was signed in was the first worldwideWashington, DC. 1948 (Jan 5) Warner Brothers first color newsreel seen telecast by an entertainer(Jan 31) The first successful American satellite, Explorer 1,by movie theater audiences in the US showed clips from watched by more peoplewas launched into orbit. the Tournament of Roses Parade and the Rose Bowl than the Apollo moonfootball game, shot just four days earlier.landings. However, it was not shown in Eastern Bloc75 Years Ago (Jan 9) Alvah Curtis Roebuck, businessman, countries because of communist censorship (with the sole1947 (Nov 1) In the US,co-founder of Sears, Roebuck and Co, born exception of East Germany, where it was shown on Der schwarzethe price cap on sugarin 1864, died.Kanal). In the US and Brazil, it was not aired until April. was lifted at the stroke(Jan 30) The 1948 Winter Olympics openedof midnight. in St Moritz, Switzerland. 65 Years Ago (Nov 2) Howard Hughe\'s H-4 Hercules, also known as theOrville Wright, pioneer aviator born in 1957-58 [Intermountain Oil Jobbers Spruce Goose," had its one and only flight when Howard1871, died.Association (IOJA)] From 1957 to 1971 theHughes and a crew flew it for eight minutes. It was the100 Years Agoincoming IOJA President took office at the October/ largest flying boat ever built and had the largest wingspan1922 (Nov 1) The Ottoman Empire was November meeting. (This practice changed in 1972 whenof any aircraft in history. abolished after 600 years, and its last the Association began to install the incoming presidentBert Andrews published "Asultan, Mehmed VI, abdicated and left at the February convention.) State Department Securityfor exile in Italy on Nov. 17th.1957 (Nov 1) The Mackinac Bridge, the worlds longestCase" in the New York Herald- (Nov 4) In Egypt, English archaeologist Howard Carter suspension bridge opened, connecting Michigans Tribune based on a secretand his men discovered the entrance to Pharaoh two peninsulas. transcript that set off a seriesTutankhamuns tomb in the Valley of the Kings. (Nov 3) The Soviet Unionof Pulitzer Prize-winning(Nov 26) Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon became launched Sputnik 2; on boardarticles on Mr. Blank," onethe first people to see inside KV62, the tomb of Pharaoh was the first animal to enterof ten State DepartmentTutankhamun, in over 3,000 years.space, a dog named Laika. officials dismissed without specific charges over loyalty1922 (Dec 28) Stan Lee, comic-book questions (Communism). writer, editor, publisher, media (Nov 8) The film Jailhouse(Nov 4) The US State Department published a 52-pageproducer, television host, actor and Rock opened across thebooklet titled Aspects of Current American Foreign Policy."president and chairman of Marvel Comics was born. US to reach #3, and ElvisThe pamphlet blamed Russias uncompromising attitude1923 (Jan 13) Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party Presley continued to gainfor the failure to secure world peace and acknowledged thetook advantage of the chaotic condition of more notoriety. possibility of Germany remaining permanently divided ifGermany. Hitler staged a demonstration of (Nov 13) New York bornthe great powers could not reach an agreement. 5000 troopers and denounced the "November Physicist Gordon Gould(Nov 6) The first episode of the television news andcrime of trying to overthrow the German invented the laser. interview program Meet the Press aired on NBC. It was thegovernment!" This attempted coup d\'etatSlongest-running television program in US history. came to be known as the Beer Hall Putsch.58 www.wpma.com / Winter 2022'