b'2022 WPMA State ReportMONTANAPetroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association ReportGreetings from the Big Sky State! Montana has enjoyed a spectacular fall with mild temperatures and beautiful colors. As I look out the window today, the snow is falling, marking the next transition. The WPMA fall meeting took place in October. A number of our board members and I attended. It is always helpful to have this time with our counterparts from other states. Often we are facing different issues but are able to learn from each others experiences. For example, many states are ahead of Montana in dealing with electric vehicle issues so it was particu-larly valuable to glean from their experience. The comradery within WPMA Brad Longcakeis a very valuable asset for each of us. MPMCSA Executive DirectorThis fall has been busy in preparation for the upcoming 2023 legislativesession. We continue to monitor a few tight races across the state for the House of Representatives. It is likely that the Republicans will hold the majority for both the House and the Senate and may pick up a few seats to obtain a super majority. MPMCSA is anticipating a busy session. There are a number of bills already in draft pertaining to electric vehicles. The most pressing issue is a measure to impose a tax at the time of an electric charge. It is an effort to ensure that electric vehicles are contributing to the taxes meant to fund infrastructure upkeep and development, the money traditionally collected from the gas tax. The concern for C-stores is the mechanism in which the tax will be collected and remitted to the state. We also expect to closely monitor the underground storage tank fund again this session. There continues to be interest in either defunding the program, or to allow DEQ to have full control. We continue to meet regularly with DEQ to understand their perspective as to how this may affect the program. There will be opportunity for stakeholder feedback at both the board level and membership level in the coming months. As always, we expect a variety of issues related to taxation, includingtobacco and alcohol. I am sure it will be a fast and furious four months and no doubt there will be a few curve balls thrown our way. The MPMCSA board and our members have been instrumental in our success during the previous sessions and we will look to them again this year as needed. I will be serving as the state executive from the Western Region to the EMA Board of Directors. I will be helping out through the rest of this year and my official term starts in January 2023. I am looking forward to the opportunity to represent the West in a larger capacity.We are so happy that life is getting back to normal and cant wait to spend time with loved ones this year. The MPMCSA hopes each of you enjoys a relaxing and uplifting holiday season and we look forward to 2023.SWPMA News / Winter 202217'