b'Winter 2022 ASSOCIATEWHAT COMES IN THE 2023 WE CARD KIT? NewsPreventing underage sales of age-restricted productscan be a lot easierby leaning on The We Card Program.We Cards Renewal Kit is chock full of tools to help retailers ensure that they are doingeverything they can do to prevent underage sales which can lead to stiff fines and penalties.Annually refreshing your We Card materials provides updated in-store signage, age calculationtools, and training materials to ensure your store and employees are equipped to handle a varietyof sometimes challenging situations at the point-of-sale.Posting signs and other display items further demonstrates your stores commitment topreventing underage sales to your community.Heres what is included in the 2023 kit.How to Use Your Renewal KitWe Card offers a simple instruction sheet on how to use each item found in a renewal kit and provides information on We Cards eLearning Center where retailers can find details on constantly updated training programs.We Card 2023 CalendarThis 12-month page-a-day calendar shows the most recent date a customers valid ID can show in order to legally buy age-restricted products. Born After This Date? No Age-Restricted Products. Peeling the daily page to the current date reminds cashiers what date to look for on customer IDs.Window/Door Decals & Age of Purchase StickersWindow/Door decals alert customers to Please Have ID Ready for vapor and tobacco purchases. Affix these to your front door or window so customers know what to expect at check-out and to discourage underage customers from attempting to buy restricted products. The smaller age of purchase stickers are perfect around the register and prominently display the most recent year (and years after) those underage cannot buy age restricted products.Employee GuidesThe Employee Guidean often well-worn item is chock full of details on FDA requirements, how to ask for and handle IDs, details on We Cards A-E-R-O carding method, handling peer pressure, and includes a knowledge quiz and an Employee Acknowledgement of company policy. More importantly, the guide has a summary of your state (andfederal) laws in summary language thats easy to follow.TipsheetsLaminated tipsheets cover some key challenges such ashow to refuse a sale, how to spot a fake ID, and situations where an adult might be purchasing for a minor or if aminor attempts to purchase for an adult.In fact, theres so much in a renewal kitwhich We Card has carefully assembled after 27 years helping retailersprevent underage sales that we cant mention it all here. Its no wonder the Renewal Kit sells out quickly. Be sure to order your materials for 2023 today and find moreresources, including Spanish decals, in the We Card store atstore.wecard.org. SWPMA News / Winter 202243'