b'Marketer Member NewsRules & Regulations continuedConclusion Security Agency and the Idaho National Laboratory launched a EMA will continue to vigorously oppose the proposed NESHAPCommercial Routing Assistance (CRA) app that was developed rule for small bulk plants because it poses a significant threatin partnership with the Energy Marketers of America (EMA) to marketers using bulk gasoline storage to supply wholesalethrough the All Hazards Consortiums working group. Designed customers. Delivering gasoline directly from the terminal rack isto give marketers, drivers, and state association executives the not always practical for low volume customers or even possibleability to determine in real time, the full impact of emergency when pulling supply from distant terminals. If intermediate bulkdeclarations on petroleum marketers and heating oil providers in plant storage of gasoline becomes cost prohibitive due to oner- the states and across the nation. The free app:ous regulations, low volume end users such as farmers, smallIncorporates vetted data to plot multiple automated orfleet operators and state and local governments will be forced tocustom routing options; while also providing federal andswitch to alternative fuel sources. It would seem that once againstate by state information on waivers, government closures,the EPA is picking winners and losers in the energy sector. In theprohibitions, restrictions on movement and other orders that end, perhaps this is EPAs true motivation behind the proposedaffect intrastate and interstate transportation during state and rule; one more opportunity to eliminate fossil fuels.federal emergency declarations.Includes a one touch interactive map that allows planners, drivers, and decision-makers to develop strategies necessary to maintain Free App (CRA)efficient and uninterrupted marketing operations during disas-ters or restrictions. CDL renewal extensions, state driver license agency closures, CDL driver medical renewal grace periods, rest that Provides Custom Routing with stops and parking closures, and increased size and weight limita-Real Time Information on Government tions are included for the entire driver route.Restrictions and Regulatory Waivers There are two URLs for access to the Commercial Routing App (CRA). The CRA tool can be accessed via the DHS public URL Join EMAs Disaster Fuel at https://cra.inl.gov, or alternatively through the All Hazards Response Program to Expand Consortium/EMA private URL at http://www.commroute1.org Your Business.Whether it is for yourwhich includes a short video tutorial on how to use the website.regular deliveries or for further deliveriesFurthermore, if you are interested in expanding your business op-to assist with disaster impacted areas, thereportunities by delivering fuel to disaster areas, you can participate is a commercial routing app that can be ofby joining another free service that is provided by EMA, the EMA great assistance to drivers.Disaster Fuel Response Program. All you need to do is sign up! To The Department of Homeland Securityssign up, contact EMAs Sherri Stone at sstone@emamerica.org or Sherri Stone(DHS) Cybersecurity and Infrastructureat 703-472-7980.EMAVice PresidentS30 www.wpma.com / Winter 2022'