b'2022 WPMA State Report OREGON Fuels Association ReportHappy Holidays from OFA!Oregon has just come throughan arduouscontrol. Businesses should expect the new admin-election cycle and is eagerly looking forward to aistration to uphold the previous administrations quick Winter respite before our legislative sessiontransportation and environmental policies. From convenes following the swearing in of our newa practical standpoint, the new Governor will hire Governor on January 9, 2023. We will then roll upnew staff, appoint new boards and commissions, our sleeves and get busy once again, working hardand in some cases appoint new agency leaders. for our members and their businesses. Similarly, the legislature added over 20 new leg-islators with very little or no experience working on issues important to the fuels sector. Altogether Tracey AndersonElections Recapthis will likely mean that policies impacting the OFA Oregon held transportation sectors will be slow to develop and Executive Director a historic require that OFA educate these new policymak-election whereers on issues important to OFA members and their approximatelycustomers. It will be a busy 2023 Session.$115 million was spent, over2023 Legislativehalf of which was spent onSessionthe competitive three-way raceNow that the election is over,OFA is in for Governor.preparing for the 2023 Legislative Session that After monthsbegins on January 17th and will end (Sine Die) of polling,no later than June 25th. Like businesses, the cost debating, andof inflation will almost certainly create challenges campaign ads,to lawmakers that are required to balance the state the election hadbudget. While state revenues have dramatically some brightexceeded expectations over the last biennium, the spots for bothstate (and nation) is expecting a recession during Democrats and Republicans. For Democrats, Tinathe next biennium that will almost certainly reduce Kotek won the Governors race, US Senator Wydenstate revenues. Together, that will create a very won reelection, 4 out of 6 Congressional races wentchallenging budget climate where there will not be to Democrats, and the Oregon House and Senateenough state revenues to cover the increasing costs firmly remain in Democrat majorities. However,of operating government. Republicans won a Congressional District seat previously held by a Democrat and made gains intoSeparately from the looming budget and revenue the legislative majorities by picking up 1 Senatechallenges, we expect that the legislature will con-seat and 2 House seats. These pickups were criticalsider another ban on petroleum diesel. Today, the because it removed Democrats supermajorities inCity of Portland is considering a revised Renewable both chambers where previously, taxes could beFuels Standard (RFS) that would essentially ban raised by single party control. Now, Republicanspetroleum diesel by 2030. This will likely add pres-will have a say in any revenue raising measure.sure for the state to consider a similar RFS. On a So what does it all mean? From a political stand- lighter note, OFA is encouraged that legislators will point, we dont expect a lot of changes in policiesnot only consider, but pass state-wide self-service or priorities moving forward. Afterall, the samelegislation allowing drivers to choose self-service party (and political infrastructure) remains inin all parts of the state. 20 www.wpma.com / Winter 2022'