b"CEOs Message Association InformationSaluteto a Great YearThis has been a fantastic year for WPMAthe upcoming year to meet our goals or and our State Associations. We just concluded oursimply redefine them to meet our needs, last state event of the year in Honolulu, Hawaiiso we can get the most out of life. WPMA Chiefwith the Hawaii Energy Marketers Association golfReflecting on the past year, I wasfundraiser. We had thirty-two golfers and a lot offortunate to travel to all the WPMAExecutive Officer sponsors for the event. I would like to give a specialstates and talk to many of our members(CEO)thanks to IES Retail LLC and Al Chee for provid- about their business, their successes,Gene Inglesbying the goody bags with lunch. The sandwichesand the challenges being faced by our were very tasty. Thanks again. I would like to thankindustry. Some of these challenges are theall the other sponsors for the event. The money wehigh price of petroleum products, increasedraised will help HEMA and its members achievestrains on credit, and ever-changing federal and their association and lobbying goals for the group. state regulations. I believe challenges make us Earlier this year we had all our state fundraisers, stronger and more efficient. They make us review golf tournaments, and state conventions and tradewhat we are doing and help us play at the top ofshows. All our events had an up-tick in attendance our game to give us a competitive edge. and the networking was outstanding for all those inI think challenges are opportunities to grow, and attendance. This year it seemed like all events werewe should be thankful we have them, so we dont a celebration of gatherings. become too complacent, letting life pass us by.Our association make-up is changing as all thingsLife is a journey to enjoy with no defined destina-do in life. We are experiencing consolidations andtion but the one we envision. Too many times we buyouts. As an association we are changing too,focus on the result (which is important because it because we must if we are going to survive like allmeets our goals), but we tend to look back at the our members. The good news is we have a great end and wonder how we got here, and how we association with members who are educating themissed out on the journey. new companies coming into our markets on howAs the year draws to a close, our thoughts turn to our association can help make them more knowl- those who have made our progress possible. At edgeable and aware of information about ourWPMA, the progress we have made this past year industry. We will keep them informed about issueshas come through the support of our great members. to help them become more effective and efficient.Quite simply, WPMA members make the difference After going to Hawaii (which was sunny and eighty- in our level of success. We may have a great trade five degrees every day) for the HEMA golf fund- show, we may have been successful in our lobby-raiser, I returned home to cloudy skies and forty-twoing efforts, and have grown our membership, but degrees, and I woke up the next morning with awithout members willing to give countless hours of snow-covered lawn. Winter has made it to Utah.service, the association would not be a success.We're off to a good start for snow skiing, as most ofAs I look forward to the new year, I hope we canthe resorts like Snowbird, Alta, and Solitude haveall say that we are better off now than we were a received 24 or more of the greatest snow on earth. year ago. The WPMA staff and I wish to expressWith all the snow and cold, I am either getting inour appreciation for your goodwill, the verythe holiday mode or packing to move to Hawaii foundation of business success. time will tell. The Holiday season reminds me toIn the spirit of friendship, we send you our hope be thankful and grateful for the blessings I and myfor a continuing positive business relationship, family have received over the years; our past suc- and our best wishes for a pleasant holiday season.cesses, our current challenges, our present opportu-nities and the future rewards we seek. The closing of a year is a great time to structure our plans forSWPMA News / Winter 20225"