b'Events to Remember continuedThis Quarter in History . November, December and Januarythe annual WPMA Fall Board of Directorslaws on alcohol products to minors for a better business meeting. Value, Need, Maintenance andenvironment, were a few. The Supreme Court\'s Sunburst Survival are four very important words toSchool District vs Texacos 1950s oil refinery requested me lately. The personal values or principles,the cost of restoring polluted property to its pre-con-which create self-worth, drive you andtamination state, regardless whether such cost greatly your employees to get up and go to workexceeded the diminution in value of the property.because you are needed. Being a part of theTidbitsI f you cant go around it, over it, or through it, machine that drives the business and the community isyou had better negotiate with it.the fulfillment of need. These values and needs help youNV: guest writer Jason Geddes, PH.D of physically maintain the character of your business in theEDAWN indicated that the future lookedWSF: (KM) caught up with the Norcross Brothers community. With this we survive, and provide a traditionbright for clean energy in northern Ne- (Cameron and Casey), recipients of the 1995 and 2002 of service in our trade with safety regulated and envi- vada. A task force to recruit clean energyscholarships from Ely, Nevada. ronmentally sound facilities. Charleys thoughts werecompanies was being developed. 2007 (Nov 3) The DARPA Grand Challenge, a prized inspired by Hyrum Smith, Utahs Convention keynote. InNM: (RB) Senator Pete Domenici retired,competition for driverless cars to navigate safely in conclusion, Charley stated be a realist and deal with thepitting two incumbent Republicans in atraffic, was scheduled.laws and events affecting your business. Learn to surviveprimary that most likely was the most as you maintain your value principally and monetarily,(December) The late-2000s recession officially began; the and your stability will continue to be a benefit to you andexpensive election in the history of Newunemployment rate was 5%.to your community. Mexico. Gov. Bill Richardson was running2008 (Jan 5) A levee burst in Fernley, Nevada, flooded (GI) I believe challenges make us strongerfor President of the US. Legislators werea large portion of the town and forced the evacuation of and more efficient. They make us reviewlooking at an increase in the gasoline excise tax, vehicle3,500 residents.what we are doing and help us play at the topregistrations, and weight distance tax. Attendance at(Jan 18) President George W. Bush announced an of our game to give us a competitive edge .the NMPMA Convention and Trade show in Albuquer- economic stimulus package, proposing $800 per As I reflect on the past year, I hope we can allque Marriot Pyramid Hotel was up from 2006; Rubenindividual and $1600 per couple in tax refunds.say that we are better off now than we were a year ago. thanked participants, sponsors and golf winners.UT: The relations built with Utahs (Jan 21) Stock markets around the world plunged amid HI: President Robert Fung noted that asGovernor Jon Huntsman on petroleumgrowing fears of a US recession, fueled by the 2007 HEMA predicted, the State Public Utilitiessupply issues proved helpful to hissubprime mortgage crisis.Commission (PUC) aggregated industryConsumer Protection Director on Utahs(Jan 28) President George W. Dinformation created by the reporting law (togas prices. Holly/Sinclair Pipeline was inBush delivered his final State ofEC 1997WPMN Cthe extent it could be made public), providedproduction to Las Vegas from North Saltthe Union address.very little about the profitability of Hawaiis oil industry.Lake Terminals to be completed in 2008. Mixed fuels Without data from the oil refiners on crude oil and refin- legislation was a hot topic. 25 Years Ago over Clip ing costs, it is virtually impossible to determine the profitWA: (LM) The holiday party was on the1997 (DEC/Winter WPMN)margin on wholesale gasoline. HEMA wholeheartedlyRoyal Argosy Christmas Boat during thePresident Gerry Richardson (GR) of agreed that the reporting program was an exercise inChristmas Parade around CommencementHone Oil Co in Ogden, Utah, made a futility and simply could not be fixed . the PUC law wasBay, Gig Harbor and Point Defiance Parklist to Santa from petroleum marketers:expected to be repealed by the state legislature in 2008.(Tacoma). WOMA, AAA and AUTO were all"1. Send us legislators and political leaders who willID: (SB) The Idaho Capitol was underin attendance at the WSDA meeting on the ATC issue.work for the good of the people, not just for re-election.renovation, so lawmakers moved into theThe Transportation Worker Identification Credential2. Provide leaders who can see the unfairness of theold Ada County Courthouse temporarily.(TWIC) came to Tacoma and Seattle Ports. \'Native American\' Tax issues. We need people withThere was a budget surplus, but roads,Business BoostersMake the most of professionalcourage that will address the matter because it is the bridges, prisons and education demandedassociations: Membership in professional associationsright thing to do, not because of who contributes the most more money. Facing the industry for 2008can boost your career and connections, but joining ismoney to their campaigns.were negotiations on the UST Program Rules, reinstate- only the first step. To get the most out of your association3. Help the individual lawmakers who are working hard to ment of the Petroleum Clean Water Trust Fund, taxinggroup, career counselors offer these suggestions:Helpkeep children from smoking, realize that the accountability of all fuel - including fuel sold to tribes, and proposalsorganize events, contribute to publications, and givemust be shared by the young people and their parents, not to fund transportation. Down the road: Stage 1 vaporpresentations. This will showcase your skills and buildonly the retailer.recovery for 2009 in Treasure Valley, and risk-basedcamaraderie with other members.Stay in touch with4. Give government officials understanding corrective action rules to increase clean up costs for fuelother association members. Even if theyre currently notthat those retailers who sell \'below cost\' in tanks statewide. in a position to help you, they may be in the future. order to gain market share will eventually hurt MT: (RA) was in denial . Christmas couldWMIC: (DL) discussed the benefits of waiting periodsthe consumer by reducing competition."not be happening already! She reviewedfor group health insurance by employers. (GT) reminisced about a Christmas when he was final stage requirements from the 2005six years old. Gerry ended with this quote from Energy Bill for UST operator training, takingEMA\'s Mark Morgan Esq. (MM) Changes were made toEdgar A. Guest:the financial imbalance off the Petroleumthe IRS blending requirementsbottom line IRS 637 MWhen its Christmas, man is biggerTank Release Compensation Fund, a list ofregistration was required for all blending. Purchase ofand better in his part, proposed legislative changes, and a proposal to changeblended products required no registration. He is keener for the service that is prompted by the heart,54 www.wpma.com / Winter 2022'