b'2022 WPMA State ReportWASHINGTON Independent Energy Distributors ReportAnother Huge Price Internal Combustible Increase on Fuel Engine (ICE) BanBegins January 1 st is coming our way tooin Washington State According to the Washington Legislature,100% of all vehicles sold in Washington State must As part of the Climate Commitment Actbe electric vehicles by 2035. But furthermore, did passed in the Washington Legislature, Department ofyou know that they also want WA to have 35% of all Lea McCulloughEcology has recently released their rules and impactssales of vehicles to be EV by 2026? Currently, Wash-WA Associationof this three-pronged program to include a Cap andington has only reached 2% of EVs in our statewide Executive Director Trade Program, LCFS, and Green House Gas Program.fleet, and California has currently only reached 3% of all vehicles sold. These mandates are overreach-The Cap-and-Trade Mandate is the most stringent anding and void of planning and common sense. Not to unrealistic mandate in the entire nation, even surpass- mention the lack of adequate infrastructure available ing California standards. California started at a 1.8%/ for EV charging stations, availability of electricity year CO2 reduction, where Washington is startingon the grid, and lack of new electric generating areas at 7% reduction, with no justification or studies thatsuch as hydroelectric dams in the PNW. And if you even say that goal is attainable. Logic and commonread to this point, and enjoy my articles, please email sense do not seem to be present in the current regula- me expressing your favorite parts, and I will enter tory process at Department of Ecology, and certainlyyou into a drawing for $100 for actually reading this the interests of our Washington consumers are notmagazine, before January 31st, 2023! at heart. This out of the gate requirement is three times more aggressive than California.Washington State NEWExperts say there is no real way Washington Fuel Distributors can comply with this rule come JanuaryLobbyist Partner1, 2023. As part of the LCFS, if you purchase and resell fuel in Washington State, the new costs will beThe Associationhas made a included in the rack price. If you purchase in ID orshift in our lobbying representa-OR, and bring back into the state, you will be respon- tion in Olympia for the coming sible for collecting the cost of credits needed on thatyears. Your new Legislative/GR fuela price that has not been established yet.Committee and Executive Com-Analysts predict that consumers will see a 47-centmittee is very excited to officially increase on gasoline and a 57-cent increase on dieselannounce the selected new Lob-in 2023. This is outrageous considering there is verybyist for our Association. Diana negligible improvement to the environment (admittedCarlen, a Partner with Gordon by Department of Ecology) and most of the benefitsThomas Honeywell Government will be to those out of our own state, while Washing- Relations, is officially our new lobbyist. Diana may tonians bear the full brunt of the cost of this program.be new to Washington Independent Energy Dis-tributor members, but shes well known around the state capitol, having served as senior staff with the Stop Being RecklessWashington State Senate Republican Caucus advising caucus members on energy and environment issues; with the Economy andand she has been a contract lobbyist since 2014.Diana currently represents businesses, agriculture and Environment public energy utilities in Olympia. Some examples of Washington consumersare mostly unawareclients she represents include wheat and potato grow-that come the first of the year, they will be hit withers, food processors, energy utilities and FedEx. As another massive price hike in their fuel costs. In fact,a result, she has a strong background in and under-in a recent poll conducted by the Affordable Fuelsstanding of key issues of interest to the Washington Washington, 2/3 of those polled said our LegislatureIndependent Energy Distributors, including energy, should go back to the drawing board on this over- natural resources, transportation, labor and budget reaching Climate Commitment Act.issues. She enjoys working with associations, and is WPMA News / Winter 202223'