b'Association Information Welcome President Kary TonjumWe recently questioned our WPMA 2022-23 President, Kary Tonjum, ofCityServiceValcon in Kalispell, Montana,to find out a little more about him.Here are his answers to our questions:Association Member Since:My Dad David A. Tonjumjoined WPMA on October 22, 1971.How long have you been in business? How did the business get started? By whom and why? I grew up in the business. In 1968, my Dad moved to Kalispell to exit big city life and raise a family. Thefollowing year, a small fuel company, City Service,came up for sale with roots back to 1932. My Dad,along with his partners, purchased the business and through the years there have been many acquisitionsand mergers. I got my first paycheck at 12 years old(today we call that child labor) and came into thebusiness full time after graduating from college in 1992. Whats your favorite thing about the petroleum business?I learn something new every day! Our business seems so simple from the outside but when you lift the hood it gets very complicated in a hurry. I enjoy the challenge oflearning new things.Who is your Hero or Mentor?I have had many mentors over the years who have molded me to who I am today. I have learned from each one of them, whether it was working for a manager at one of our c-stores as a young boy, or working directly with owner-ship on acquisitions and new markets.What aspects of our association would you like to work onduring your term in office?While there are many things affecting our industry, there are a few focal points our association needs to work on:Driver Shortage - These are great paying jobs and we need to show our younger generation that this is anopportunity. College is not for everyone. The effects of mergers/acquisitions - In the past ourassociation was mainly run by the owners of companies. Today we have fewer and fewer owners involved and more employees. This creates a different dynamic in theassociation, and we need to adapt and support this changeas it is a reality that will continue.Regulations - Our battles will continue, and we need tofight for our industry. WPMA News / Fall 202217'