b'2022 WPMA Montana State Reportcontinuedappreciate the time and dedication of our very talented, very knowl-edgeable Board of Directors. The 2023 Convention and Trade Show will again be at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort.Be sure to mark yourcalendar for June 6thand 7th, 2023.As we head into the fall, we are preparing for the 2023 session of the Montana Legislature. All 100 seats in the House of Representative are at stake in the November election. We are closely monitoring and will continue to build relationships between stakeholders and leg-islators across the states. Our grassroots efforts and close ties within our communities have been instrumental in our success. We anticipate there will be much to do surrounding electric vehicles, the Underground Storage Tank program, and the recurring issues surrounding alcohol and tobacco.Brad Longcake SWPMA News / Fall 202225'