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Raffle was run by Dave Workman, dinner, shoot- members and associates campaigning illustrates,ing awards with a live auction capped the events. descended on the Zermatt technology is not enough.MPMCSA (MT): ED Ronna AlexanderResort in the heart of We need true leadership.(RA)Politics is the art of looking forUtahs Rocky Mountains, We must be aware of FALL 2012 WPMN C trouble, finding it whether it exists or not,for our New Opportuni-our problems to solve ourover Clipdiagnosing it incorrectly, and applying theties Convention & Trade problems. Just as I believe it is a vital civic duty towrong remedy.Ernest DemmShow. We moved the vote in Novembers election, I also believe we need to comePoliticians are like diapers. They both needshow to August to attract together at WPMA to provide a good leadership structureto be changed regularly and for the same reason. spouses and families. A in our businesses and Anonymouspost-convention surveyFALL 2012 WPMN Clip organizationsThisBallot measures that qualified for the November Electionwas online. A recent, nationally conducted study of Salt is an opportunity towere medical marijuana program for patients with debili- Lake Valley shows that locally owned restaurants returned learn new technologytating medical conditions; states policy that corporationsnearly 79% of their revenue to the local economy, compared and new ideas, moveare not human beings with constitutional rights and thatto 30% from national companies. And, overall, independent forward and grow. Comemoney isnt speech; physicians prohibited from perform- retailers return 52% of revenue to the communities where with or without youring an abortion on a minor under 16 years of age withoutthey reside, while national chains return just 14%. technology, and connect,parent consent; prohibit providing services to people whoWashington Association (WA): ED Lea communicate, gather,are not US citizens and who have unlawfully entered orMcCullough (LM) June 2012 brought yet and send new informa- unlawfully remained in the US; and prohibit state andanother successful and riveting convention at tion. Take this data andfederal governments from requiring the purchase of healthSuncadia Resort in Cle Elum, WA. September create the future.insurance or imposing any penalty, tax, fee or fine on thosePAC fundraiser was at Walla Walla with Wine CEO Gene Inglesby (GI) PMAAs (EMA) Spring Day on thewho do not purchase health insurance. Tasting and a Golf Outing.Hill was a huge success, and everyone should thank DanNPM&CSA (NV): ED Peter Krueger (PK)Western Mutual Insurance Company (WMIC): Gilligan and his staff for a great time in Washington D.C. Explained moving to Europay MasterCard President David Leo (DL) PPACA is (mostly) HEMA (HI): Mark Leong I would like to take this oppor- and Visa (EMV)an integrated circuit Constitutionalso now what? Five major parts of PPACA tunity as the outgoing H(E)MA President to thank Gene andcharge card system, that required consid- and the employer requirements were explained.his WPMA home office staff for all their support over theeration of numerous emerging technical,2012 (Aug 16) West Nile virus killed at least 17 people, marketing and business factors. the mayor of Dallas Mike Rawlings declared a state of NMPMA (NM): EDemergency in the city. Officials said the measures would Ruben Baca (RB)Thecost as much as $1.2 million. Over the whole of the US for August 2012 NMPMAthe year, there were 243 deaths out of 5387 total cases.Convention and Trade Show(Aug 25) American astronaut and the first person to walk held at Desert Green inupon the Moon, Neil Armstrong died at age 82.Albuquerque was a great2012 (Sep 3) Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, a spin-off of success. A primary race surpriseCongressionalMister Rogers' Neighborhood debuted on PBS Kids. District 1 with County(Sep 4) The NASA space probe Dawn escaped from 4 Vesta Commissioner Michelleto begin its flight to Ceres (it arrived in February 2015). Lujan Grissom won a(Sep 9) American tennis player Serena Williams won her last two yearsyou folks are awesome. Also a big Mahalothree-way race, defeatingfourth Women's Singles at the US Open.to the (HEMA) members for allowing me to be of service.two-time City of 2012 (Oct 9) Frenchman Serge Haroche and American Please welcome Sayle Hirashima as your new President,Albuquerque Mayor David Wineland won the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics for Edsel Eshima as 1st Vice President, and Steve Wetter as 2ndMartin Chavez and two- their work on quantum optics.Vice President. Sayle will also remain as (HEMA)s (EMA)term City of Albuquerque(Oct 14) Felix Baumgartner broke the world human ascent representative. A summary of the 2011-12 LegislativeCity Counselor/formerby balloon record before space diving out of the Red Bull session was reviewed by representative Linda ODay. State Senator Eric Griego. Stratos helium-filled balloon over Roswell, New Mexico.WPMA News / Fall 202247"