b"Events to Remember continuedThis Quarter in History . August, September and October continued(Oct 30) The Walt Disney Company purchased LucasfilmID: (SB) Brett Adams passed the Gavel to Karl25 Years Ago Ltd. from George Lucas for $4.05 billion. Included in the Ward as new President of IPM&CSA at Sun Valley1997 (Fall/Sep WPMN) WPMAdeal were the rights to the Star Warsduring the Trade Show and Convention in August.President Gerry Richardson of Autumn 2007sWesternMarketerPetroleum neWs and Indiana Jones franchises. Items that impacted idaho business were taxHone Oil in Ogden, Utah shared the HawaiIdahoMontanaNevadaNew MexicoUtahWashington deadlines, biofuel infrastructure grants and draftFALL/SEP 1997WPMN C FA WPMA Mission Statement and Ac-LL 2007 WPMN C 15 Years Agorules to implement new state underground storage. tion Plans approved by the WPMA Boardover Clip 2007 (Fall WPMN) MT: (RA) A long hot summer is coming to a close. Hope- of Directors: I thought it might be helpful for all of us to INSIDE President Charley Brewer offully the fires in Montana have dissipated, andreview just what it is we are committed to accomplishing, so President Brewers Message s2007 - 2008 Officers & DirectorEPA Renewable Fuel RegulationsFeature Articles & more Brewer Oil Co in Santa Fe, Newwhile our marketer members have most likelywe can all pitch in and get the job done. over Clip Mexico: Those of us who haveenjoyed some income from this volatile fireED Gerry Tedrow (GT): Related his appreci-survived the transitions of this business real- season, we all want it to be over. Five new rulesation for a small Mom and Pop gas station ize that we were blessed by some good fortune to survive,for USTs were reviewed. in Spencer, Idaho that filled his tank before along with the loyalty of great employees who overlookedNV: (PK) The annual golf outing was set forhe ran out of gas on a back road. I filled my most of the dysfunction for the common good of all andMonday, October 29th at Canyon Gate Golftank and hoped others would do the same, carried us along the way. To quote my good friend BennyClub, Las Vegas. so these folks could justify keeping gasoline Hodges in his first message to our membership: I haveNM: (RB) All 112 Legislators were up for re- in their limited product mix. Without them, we would have never seen a group of business people that have had theelection. The convention and trade show were setbeen stranded.ability to adapt and transform themselves as often andfor Albuquerque at the Marriott Pyramid HotelA Mark Your Calendaras dramatically as Petroleum Marketers. Yes, to be truth- with the golf tournament at University Cham- ad reminded that ful, we are the real TRANSFORMERS . One can arguepionship Golf Course in September. Doug Adamsthe 1998 WPMA about service to industry related organizations and aboutwas thanked for his commitment and dedication to the NewConvention keynote time taken from the business and family, but all in all, thoseMexico Petroleum Marketers Association for serving an extraspeaker would be Lady who serve receive the greater benefit by far. The associa- year as president; welcome to new president, Cyndee Biggers. Margaret Thatcher.tion with members of our industry is given back tenfold inUT: (JH) Hyrum SmithHI: James Cassulo of Maui Petroleum shared knowledge and the sense of belonging to a greatwas the keynote at thein Kahului was (HEMA) President. Steve group of people who daily fill a need for the consumers andUPMRA Convention,Schutt of Garlow Petroleum in Honolulu producers of goods in this great country. To quote CoachSept 24-25 in St.was First Vice President, Gary Kaneshiro Vince Lombardi, Individual commitment to a group effortGeorge, Utah. 2008of Diamond Head Petroleum in Honoluluthat is what makes a team work, a company work, alegislative issueswas Second Vice President society work, a civilization work. were gas tax andand Tom Malone of Aloha (GI) Renewable Fuels MandatesOne ofmixed fuels taxPetroleum in Honolulu was the great dilemmas in government is that therefund. Stacey immediate Past President.results of laws passed are not predictable . itBettridge joined UPMRAs Board.ID: ED Vicki Patterson (VP) wrote her first is so important to be a member of your state,WA: (LM) The 2007 WOMA Convention Com- article, listing her previous experience with regional and national associations. Your voice united withmittee was pleased and proud to announceseveral associations, including the Idaho those of other association members can help balanceyet another fantastic June Convention andLand Title Association, the Idaho Dairy Associa-the Left and Right wings of government, and supplyTrade Show at Semiahmoo Beach and Golf tion, and the Idaho Retailers Association. information and facts about our industry that will help ourResort. An Elite PAC Golf Tournament was set lawmakers predict the correct end results to the laws andMT: (RA) Montana and American motorists regulations being passed, and create a level playing fieldfor August. WA Weights and Measures were staying aheadnot only fully fund roads through gasoline where all can compete fairly. of the curve on TC testing. New members were welcomed.taxes and fees, they also subsidize a substantial HI: (HEMA) President Robert Fung of Aloha Petro- WOMA/PNOHC moved its office to Port Orchard. amount of non-road activities. Nationwide, leum Ltd in Honolulu HI, reported that Hawaii Market- TIDBITS: Sticker Shock - A young couple walked into themotorists paid $142 billion in road taxes and ers were required to report cost and margin informa- dealers showroom and were taken aback at the suggesteduser fees, and only $82 billion was spent directly on roads. tion under the Hawaii Petroleum Industry Informationprice of a compact car. But thats almost the price of a bigThe rest of the income was spent on maintenance and Reporting Act. In 2000, a published and comprehensivecar! the husband exclaimed. Well, said the salesman, Iftraffic services, administration, and law enforcement.economic study, conducted by a senior FTC economist,you want economy, you have to pay for it. NV: (PK) reprinted an article written by found that state divorcement and anti-encroachment lawsWMIC: (DL) Online claims tracking was now available. counsel to the Georgia Oilmans Association, tend to increase retail prices by an average of 2.6 cents per2007 (Aug 7) Barry Bonds broke Hank Aaron's home runon antitrust activity relating to mid-level gallon. After millions of Hawaii taxpayer dollars have beenrecord by hitting his 756th home run. marketers of petroleum products, the retail spent on consultants, studies, and regulatory implementa- 2007 (Sep 24) An Oregon State University Mars Roversale of gasoline, and price-fixing.tion costs, it remains to be seen how these new compliancestudent-organized project was formed. NM: ED Everett McGehee (EM) costs will impact gas prices in Hawaii. Unfortunately, HawaiiThe Big Bang Theory debuted on CBS. criticized New Mexico Attorney General lawmakers truly do not understand that almost every piece2007 (Oct 15) Drew Carey debuted as host of TheTom Udall for taking aim at the states of petroleum related legislation ever enacted by the statePrice Is Right, replacing the retired Bob Barker. petroleum marketers and gasoline prices, legislature has had an anti-competitive effect, which only(Oct 31) The World Economic Forum released theand for giving himself credit for the drop works to increase the price of gasoline in Hawaii. Global Competitiveness Report 20072008. in gasoline prices. 48 www.wpma.com / Fall 2022"