b'Events to Remember continuedThis Quarter in History . August, September and October continued65 Years Ago (Sep 27) Walt Disney Productions ninth feature film, Fun and Fancy Free, was released. It was Disneys fourth 1957 (Fall IOMA) The Intermountain Oil Marketers of six package Association recognized four years as a trade association.films to be released through the 1940s and notably featuredcompany released the silent 20-minute feature "One Walt DisneysTerrible Day, directed by Robert F. McGowan and Tom final voice role asMcNamara. The series of movies about the adventures Mickey Mouse. of a gang of children was shown before feature films 1947(October) The House Un-American Activitiesand continued until 1944, and then was syndicated on Committee began its investigations into television from 1955 onward as The Little Rascals.communism in Hollywood. (Sep 12) The House of Bishops of the Episcopal Church in 1957 (Aug 29) Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of(Oct 6) World Series games were broadcast on the US voted to alter the Book of Common Prayer language 1957, the first civil rights legislation enacted in the UStelevision for the first time. for wedding vows requiring the bride to agree to "obey" since Reconstruction. South Carolina Democrat SenatorThe New York Yankees defeated the Brooklyn Dodgers, her husband. The decision to revise the Common Prayer Strom Thurmond filibustered against the bill by speaking4 games to 3, to win their 11th World Series Title. treatise was approved at the meeting in Portland, Oregon continuously for 24 hours and 18 minutes on the Senate(Oct 14) The USby a vote of 36 to 27. floor, a record that remains unbroken. Air Force test 1957 (Sep 4)pilot CaptainThe governor ofChuck Yeager Arkansas called theflew a Bell X-1 National Guard torocket plane prevent black studentsfaster than from enrolling inthe speed of Central High School insound, the first Little Rock. time that this had been accomplished1957 (Oct 4) The Soviet Union launched Sputnik, the firstin level flight, or climbing.artificial satellite to orbit the earth.100 Years Ago75 Years Ago 1922(Aug) The California grizzly bear was1947 (Aug 29) US announced the discovery of plutoniumhunted to extinction.fission, suitable for nuclear power generation. (Sep 16) Henry Ford shut down his production plants indefinitely, leaving 100,000 workers idle, because he did not want to pay profiteers in the coal and steel industry. (Sep 21) The Ford plants re-openedafter five days of idleness. 1922 (Oct 3) Rebecca Latimer Felton of Georgia became the first female US Senator, 1947 (Sep 18) Most provisions of the National Securitywhen the governor Act went into effect, reorganizing the military to form theof Georgia gave her a National Military Establishment (later the Department of1922 (Sep 4) Jimmy Doolittle began the first single-daytemporary appointment, Defense) with subordinate Departments of the Army, Navy,crossing of the US in an airplane, departing at 10:03 p.m.pending the election of a and Air Force; creating the Central Intelligence Agencyin a modified DH-4B from Pablo Beach, Florida towardreplacement for Senator Thomasand the National Security Council; and establishing theRockwell Field in San Diego, CA.Watson, who died suddenly. She did Secretary of Defense. (Sep 10) Film producer Hal Roach introduced the firstnot take office until November 21, and thus served for of 220 short films in the Our Gang series, as the Path only one day.54 www.wpma.com / Fall 2022'