b"MA Stat e R20epor21-2t022State Officers and Directors 2022 WP MONTANAPetroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association ReportPresidents MessageHello from the Big Sky State!Aand wewas the lucky winner. We also had a closest to As usual summer has flown byfind ourselves wondering where it went. Wethe pin from teeing off of the mattress and Brett had a beautiful summer, maybe a bit hot forKavlie was the big winner of this one. Overall some tastes, but without the wildfires that havethis was a great tournament and everyone had a tarnished the last couple summers.great time playing.Brad LongcakeWe kicked off the summer with a bang with theIt was a beautiful morning for shooting. Much MPMCSA Executive Director MPMCSA Annual Convention and Trade Show.thanks goes out to Jason Rorabaugh from our At the risk of redundancy, we again had ourBoard of Directors. He stepped in to help run best year ever. We had wonderful attendancethe event and it went off without a hitch. Our and had a spectacular lineup of guests. Ryantop two shooters this year were Mike Burback Zinke, former Montana State Senator, U.S. Rep- and Rob Gustafson. resentative for Montana, and former SecretaryDuring our annual meeting, the biannual elec-to the interior joined us as well as the Montanations for the Board of Directors took place. Attorney General, Austin Knudsen. We also hadScott Curry has transitioned into the role of Senator Daines video conference in to provideBoard President, Cole Mort was elected to serve an update from the federal level. as the Vice President, and Roger Schmechel As always, much fun was had on the golfwas appointed to be the new EMA representa-course. The weather was fantastic and everyonetive. Dave Williams stepped down as a board enjoyed teeing off of a mattress, and throwingmember and Dustin Jones was elected as his knives at Dirk's face and mine. This year's win- replacement. We would like to thank Dave for ning team consisted of Ron Berry, Matt Berry,his time and contributions and wish him the Ron Ludlow and Shawn Auck. We had a couplebest in his next endeavors. We are very fortu-of prizes for closest to the pin and Mark Lalumnate to have engaged members and very much 24 www w.wpma.c24ww.wpma.com / Aomutumn 2021 / Fall 2022"