b'Association Infor mation State Officers and Directors 2021- 2022 PresidentsSMessagepotlightcontinuedTell us a little about your family: The Perfect Night Out:My wife (Melanie) and I have been married for 31 years andAnytime I am with my wife.have six children, four boys and two girls. Four of them are married and we have seven grandchildren with an 8th on theYour Travel Wish:way. Our youngest just started college, so we are now officiallyTo visit my ancestral Scandinavian countries of Norway,empty nesters. Sweden, and Finland. Tell us a fact about you or a hidden talent you have that is not Your Scariest Adventure:commonly known: A car full of kids at Christmas time and traveling on slick,I am the second oldest of ten kids (five boys and five girls). slushy roads in upper Michigan. The next thing I knew, we were We all live in the Kalispell area and while many of my siblingsfishtailing in the opposite lane and out of control! Thankfully, no have worked in the petroleum industry only two of us work in itcars were coming and we spun around and ended up backwards today. Among us we have 49 nieces and nephews with many ofin the snowbank. them now married with families.Give us your view on the future of Petroleum/Energy/Fuels: Your Favorite Hobby: Our challenges will continue to increase, but I feel our indus-Traveling with my wife! try will be around for many years. Yes, banning the sale of the combustion engine will create changes. Yes, the subsidies for When was the last time you participated in the Hobby? electrification will create change. If we want to reduce our carbon As we traveled to the various state events this year, we alwaysfootprint (which is a separate debate), petroleum needs to be part tried to grab an extra day to learn about the history of the area. of the solution. Carbon capture and storage, hydrogen, and other technologies will continue to progress. We need to stand together, Your Favorite Music/Group:fight together, and communicate we are part of the solution, not I do not have one. When I drive, I enjoy the peace and quiet itagainst the solution. Two-thirds of Americans want to see fossil brings so I can think. fuel in the future. I can bet the other third will change their mind when they must pay for it. The you, not me mentality! Your Favorite Moment:Right behind my wedding No doubt, the birth of our first child. SThank You Early2023 EXPO Presidential Sponsor18 www w.wpma.c18ww.wpma.com / Aomutumn 2021 / Fall 2022'