b"CEOs Message Association Information The End of SummerI I look backknow our views, because without our voiceWPMA ChiefI am having a hard time believing it is already the first of September.they will steam-roll right over our industry.and wonder where the summer has gone - andThe WPMA Board of Directors then I remember. After the WPMA ConventionMeeting in June reviewed the wraps up, WPMA starts our Spring Day on themember services provided,Executive Officer Hill with EMA. We then move to May, with the membership and dues(CEO)Nevadas Big Dogs event, followed bycategories, the legislative WPMA Budget reports. June brings ourissues occurring in eachGene InglesbyMontana State Convention, and WPMAstate, and the proposed has its Spring Board Meeting in Salt LakeWPMA Annual Budget. City. Our Washington State ConventionThe networking was wraps up WPMAs activities throughgood, and the Board of June. Then we move into the hot Directors approved the summer days of July, with the Oregon2022-23 annual budgets.Fuel Association conference, followed by the Idaho and New Mexico I closed out my sum-Petroleum Marketers Conventions mer when I attended in August. Next, the Utah Petroleumthe Utah Petroleum Marketers Convention is held inMarketers and Retailers beautiful Park City, Utah in September.Association Convention We then will wrap up with the Hawaiiand Trade Show in Park Petroleum Marketers annual golf City, Utah. John Hill fundraiser on the Island of Oahu on and his Board of Direc-October 17, which will conclude thetors worked hard on the WPMA States Conventions and schedule of events to be Trade Shows. I am happy to report more attendee friendly and all our state's convention attendee and ex- chose a beautiful venue to hibitor attendance was up, and in many caseshost the show. The Speaker the trade show floor was sold out.lineup was fantastic! Each EMAs Spring Day on the Hill was a huge state convention's management success, and they had record attendance from sessions helped me network and get the marketers. Everyone should thank Rob some great take-home value.Underwood and his staff for a great time in After reviewing the past months, I know how my Washington D.C. We gained a lot of informationsummer was spent. I can also look back and see at this conference. Now more than ever, our what a successful summer it has been, and what a Federal Legislative challenges are going to testgreat ride it has been into the fall season - where us. Rob reported EMA is tracking four to sixI am looking forward to snow skiing and the issues affecting our industry; however, with thisholiday season ahead. I am not counting or any-Administration, there are well over thirty issuesthing, but as of today there are only 116 days until being tracked. Information on these issues isChristmasbut I am not counting, really!available at www.energymarketersofamerica. When you think of WPMA, think of us as a org/advocacy/legislative-issues. Depending onbusiness partner - a partner who exists solely to the elections in November, our government couldserve you and your companys needs. If you can move this legislation to the fast track, so morethink of any services or management sessions you than ever, it is important to be legislatively active.would like WPMA or our State Associations to We will need to continue our financial supportoffer, please let me know.and our conference support to let our legislators SWPMA News / Fall 20225"