b'Fall 2022Presidents MessageASSOCIATIONGreetings fromInformation Montana!Sand has helped to keep the forestWPMA President,Summer arrived late for usgreen and also limited our fires. Come to visit, but wait for a while before you stay. We need to get housing prices in line for ouryounger people. Kary TonjumWho thought COVID was behind us? Who thought Russia would invade Ukraine? Who thought our government would infuse TRILLON$$ more into our economy? Who thought California would ban the combustion engine? Who thought the FBI would raid a previous Presidents personal home? Who is convinced inflation doesnt exist?The list goes on and on with all the turmoil in the world.Now for the good news! Under great leadership from Steve Clark, the WPMA staff, and support from all our sponsors and membership we had our best conventionever last February. This is the main fundraiser for WPMA and it comes at avery important time when we have numerous battles and challengesfacing us from many different angles.As your incoming President, I have had the opportunity to attend many of the state conventions. I am happy to report that attendance is up at all these events and the financial support continues to be strong. Thank you to all those who attend and more importantly to those that donate their time on the state boards. Many of our board members are not owners and I would like to thank the com-panies that support their employees in this endeavor. It is needed and it makes us who we are.We continue to fine-tune our speakers for the 2023 Convention, but I am happy to announce ourKeynote Speaker this year is Jon Dorenbos.Jon spent 14 years in the NFL, he was a finalist on Americas Got Talent, and Americas Got Talent: The Champions, and he is an author. You will enjoy hearing his story fromtragedy to self-discovery along with world-class magic. Maybe we canforget about politics, money, racism, and crime for an hour. As you prepare for 2023 make sure and reflect on what has made this industry so special. The people.Looking forward to seeing everyone February 21st - 2020-2022 President Steve Clark 23rd, 2023 at the Mirage passes the gavel to incoming in Las Vegas.President Kary Tonjum Thank You, Kary Tonjum S4www.wpma.com / Fall 2022'