b"Events to Remember continuedThis Quarter in History . August, September and October 50 Years AgocontinuedFACTS from Franklin the industry has been changing. But what was soTip to Supervisors: Iflong a warm and friendly industryis it in process Orders Arent Followedof being consigned to a status as one of virtual It May Be Your Fault.strangers?Here are some commonTIP from Benjamin Franklin: I early found failings to avoid: that when I worked for myself alone, myself alone 1. Nebulous directions,worked for me. But when I worked for others also, such as saying Id like to have thisothers also worked for me.soon instead of I need the resultsOther topics were A Time to Live: Blue Cross, tomorrow.Blue Shield Costs are Going Up!, Better Off 2. Inviting confusion by talking tooThan Before, Marketers Mart, and JR Jack Jury fast or not securing full attention. Elected President of SW Grease & Oil Co. 3. Taking too much for granted,1972 (Aug 4) A huge solar flare (one of the (i.e., assuming the employeelargest ever recorded) knocked out cable lines in knows more than he does aboutthe US. It began with the appearance of sunspots the background, situation, or prob- on August 2; an August 4 flare kicked off high lem.) Briefing carefully takes lesslevels of activity until August 10.time than correcting errors later.4. Incorrect timinggiving orders(Aug 10) A brilliant, daytime meteor skipped off for tomorrow ten minutes beforethe Earth's atmosphere due to an Apollo asteroid quitting time, when youre both instreaking over the western US into Canada. a hurry. Use the last half-hour of the day for organizing assignments to hand out in the morning.5. Exercising authority instead of enlisting cooperation. GenerallyAUG 1972 IOMN Clips speaking, a polite request or re-minder will get you more mileageof investment risk for potential profit, only then will the than a formal directive. refiners, marketers, and the consuming public benefit.ED JA Murphy (JAM) WE THE PEOPLE These famousWant of aMemberFor want of a nail the shoe is three little words begin the first sentence oflost, For want of a shoe the horse is lost, For want of a the most historic document ever written inhorse the rider is lost, For want of a rider the battle is lost, world historyWe represent an industryFor want of a battle the Kingdom is lost.that is reported to be the second largestOil DailyIndustry of Strangers? Do members of employer in these United States . We are thethe petroleum industry, as individuals with goodwill and most confused employer. Possibly no moreconcern for their great industry, sometimes wonder in these confused than the heads of our two politicalproblem times what has happened to the industry that they partieswe bitch and gripe and complain about prices,have known in the past, and what has happened to industry source of supply, shortage, suppliers underbidding, butmembers they knew so long and so well in the old days?we just never seem to be able to do much about itwePerhaps (it won't) survive as the industry of old understoodSEP/OCT 1972 IOMN Cover Clip never have the time to attend political rallies, to attendthe word. True, there doubtless will be an industry. But the(1972 (Sept/Oct IOMN) WPMA President Bob (RLF) association meetings, to serve on association committees,centrifugal force of the stranger syndrome tendenciesDont Stamp Out Freeloaders: Convert Them into Members. or in other words to look out for our own interests . As- could well touch and affect just about its every aspectEvery successful association attracts a fringe of people who sociations of small businessmen today can be effective andpsychologically, and therefore probably physically too. Yes,benefit from its activities, without carrying their share of turn some of these legislative tides in their favor. If youthe loadThere are two ways for the injured associa-have enough membersgasoline requirements are up for many reasons. Mainly because a reduction of 20% in miles per gallon on new model cars due to anti-pollution equipment and lower compression ratios to allow them to burn lower lead product. More leisure time and more travel money has put everyone on wheelsMuch of the corporate image has gone down the so-called marketing tube, with the widespread increase of self-service. Major brands are in hopes that this will run its course and there will be a return to brand loyalty. Lets not kid ourselves, there is just not enough business statesmanship among oil marketers. This has all been brought about by volume greed. When this can be replaced by the American system 52 www.wpma.com / Fall 2022"