b'WPMA Scholarship Foundation 2022Scholarship Recipientscontinuedschools Sources of Strength and Linkthat I can. Her Crew leadership programs. Her teacherdrive to succeed wrote: Both programs are high schooland her skill on youth outreach programs, where juniorsthe court earned and seniors are recommended by theirLizzie a position teachers to serve. With this honor comeson the Salmon the hard work of building bridges for theHigh School Girls incoming freshmen and growing supportiveVarsity basketball IDstudent relationships. I know that Lizzieteam, and she and other group leaders have spent anearned a varsity innumerable amount of hours preparingletter all four years. lessons and activities to solidify trustingLizzie also participated four years on the relationships with the most vulnerable ofVarsity Track team, competing in Shotput, students. Through her outreach and effortDiscus, and the 4 X 100 Relay, and earned many younger students were spurred on tovarsity letters three years. As a senior she IDAHO Recipient succeed academically and socially.took first place honors in all three events in In addition to her participation in schoolseveral track meets. In 2021 and 2022 sheLizzie Nelson service groups, Lizzie also participatedparticipated in the Idaho State Track and four years in the Drug Free Youth program,Field Championships, competing in Discus Salmon, Idaho is the hometown and earned many Outstanding Achieve- and Shot Put. She also served as a manager of the 2022 recipient of the WPMA ment Awards, Certificates of Merit, andof the Salmon High Varsity Football team Scholarship for Idaho, Lizzie Nelson.Student of the Month recognitions fromand lettered all three of the years she served. Lizzie applied for the WPMA scholarshipSalmon High School, along with an Aca- Outside of school, Lizzie worked at several through Berry Oil, where her fatherdemic Letter. In 2021, she earned a specialsummer jobs during high school, includ-Scott works as a Plant Manager.ing at the Salmon City Pool and at a local Lizzie attended Salmon Highhardware store. As an active member of School, where she recentlyher church, she participated in monthly graduated as valedictorian of herservice projects such as visiting the elderly class of 60 students. Her tran- in an assisted living center, shoveling side-script included some honors andwalks, and delivering firewood with the concurrent enrollment classes,youth of her congregation, and she com-and was full of A and A+ grades,pleted several in-depth service projects to earning her a perfect 4.0 GPA.earn the highest achievement award in her Young Womens organization. In her free Lizzies list of school and com- recognition for the successful completiontime, she enjoys reading, swimming, and munity activities and awards is long. Sheof the Idaho Syringa Girls State program.being outside in the sunshine. She loves joined the Student Council in her fresh- watching sports, going to sport-man year and served as Freshman ViceLizzie and her fam- ing events, and spending time President. She also served as a Sophomoreily love basketball!with her family and friends. Student Representative, as the Junior ViceLizzie wrote: Ever President, and as an All-Student Bodysince I was little, IBrigham Young University in Representative as a senior. Her excellentremember basketballProvo, Utah is Lizzies destina-academics earned Lizzie induction intobeing a part of mytion this fall, where she will be the Honor Society as a junior, where shelife. A lot of it camemajoring in Exercise Science. participated in service opportunities andfrom my moms sideShe wrote: I plan to get a bach-visited a preschool once a month withof the family be- elors degree . and then I will the Honor Society members. Her Honorcause they love theget a masters degree in either Society advisor wrote: Ms. Nelson is oursport, and we were constantly playing it.athletic training or physical therapy. Honor Society President, and basically myAs time went on, my love for the sport grewIt sounds like Lizzie has her future well-right-hand lady . She is constantly comingas did my hard-working attitude and driveplanned. We wish her the best of luck, up with new ideas to improve our club andto succeed. The more I became involved inknowing that with her drive to succeed she is a great leader. sports and other extracurricular activities,will achieve her career goals as she enters This past year Lizzie served as a leader inthe more fuel was added to the fire to keepBYU this fall.the Experienced Peers Initiating Con- me wanting to be the best. Im extremely nections group and participated with thedriven to succeed, and this is manifested by how hard I push myself to do the bestS10 www.wpma.com / Summer 2022'