b"This Quarter in History. May, June and July Clips from 200 years of worldHEMA (HI): President Mark Leong of HawaiiUPMRA (UT): (ED) John Hill (JH) Junes Petroleum Inc in Kailua-Kona, HI trackedSummer Golf Classic was at Stonebridge Golf and US history including thirty-one bills introduced in January 2012Course in West Valley City, UT. A Cutter & Buck golf shirt snippets from WPMAs pastand twenty-nine bills carried over from the 2011 Session.was awarded to the first 72 golfers who signed up.At this crossover point, most of the bills have been held inNo one claimed the $10,000 Hole-In-One. Convention was summer news magazines. committee, leaving us with nine bills relating to energyscheduled for the first part of August at Zermatt in Midway, 10 Years Ago issues and increased costs of doing business . Lastly, ourUT, and on-line Operator Ctraining was available.2012 [SummerWesternmembers were faced with several measures affecting theWashington Independent Energy DistributorsPetroleum Marketer Newscosts associated with operating or servicing a gasoline- the Washington Association (WA), (ED) Lea (WPMN) Magazine] Eightdealership . ethanol and octane testing, vehicle weightMcCullough (LM): The trade show was sold Scholarship recipients wereand fuel tax changes and tobacco product placement re- out in June and Lea thanked her sponsors. featured on the cover.strictions . we hope to close the session with good news.The PAC fundraiser for 2012 was a Walla WPMA President BobIPM&CSA (ID): Executive Director (ED)Walla Wine tour in September and theOgan from WenatcheeSuzanne Budge (SB) You dont get theholiday party for December would be at the Hyatt Petroleum in Wenatchee, government you pay for. You get the Regency in downtown Bellevue.WA, Government wasteSUMMER 2012 WPMN Cover Clipgovernment you elect. Western Mutual Insurance Company (WMIC):is probably one of the most talked Karl Rove, 2012 Guest authors Tim Blair and Ross Hinman ofSUMMER 2012about subjects. Well, I had a first-hand look at this. TheMPMCSA (MT): (ED) Ronna Alexander (RA) PETRO POLLYWanSutter gave perspectives on Medical Insurance. WPMN Clips local transit facility is one of only twofound this excerpt from a 1931 bulletin published by the public facilities to receive a $2,925,000Montana Taxpayers Association: The partial confiscation federal grant through the Transitof property by taxation is not a twentieth century situation, Investments for Greenhouse Gas andbut rather a condition existing since the beginning of time. Energy Reduction (TIGGER) program,Biblical history teaches us taxation ruined the children of part of the American Recovery andIsrael and so on down through the pages of history mighty Reinvestment Act. The facility hasdynasties have fallen because of excessive taxes and over-received five of seven battery operated trolleys . They havent been able to put all of them in ser- 2012 (May 4) The Avengers, directed by Joss Whedon, vice, because the batteries will overheat and warp, causingwas released by Marvel Studios as the sixth film of the the coolant used to reduce the temperature during the quickMarvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and the final film in its charge to leak . Replacing the batteries that should havePhase One slate. The first in the franchise distributed by lasted 10 years will cost $80,000. In order to get the trolliesWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, it became the third into service they had to go to another type of battery thathighest-grossing film of all time at that point (currently the lasts about two hours before needing a charge . Dont geteighth) and helped to boost the MCU and superhero films me wrong - I think the concept is great. I just think they gotin general to a wider audience.the horse before the battery . it has been a pleasure andmuch government. There is not a single exception to this(May 7) Vladimir Putin was elected President of Russia.honor to be your President. It is an experience I hope manyhistorical fact. Our governments, federal, state, county The first licenses for others may have. Thank you, Charley Brewer, for asking meand city, have been built up and expanded by politiciansautonomous cars in the 2012 cnet.com to go through the chairs. By the time you receive the sum- wishing to comply with the every-constant urging of US were granted inmer magazine the gavel will have passed off to your newtaxing beneficiaries. Nevada to Google.and very capable 2012-2013 WPMA President, Brett AdamsNPM&CSA (NV): (ED) Peter Kruger (PK) 2012 (Jun 5-6) The centurys second and last solar transit from Burley, Idaho. Congratulations Brett! Enjoy your year,listed the Golf Winners for 2012 for the of Venus occurred. The next pair are predicted to occur in as the time will fly by . So keep the oil in your veins and theBig Dogs at Bears Best golf course andthe years 2117 and 2125.grease under your feet. thanked sponsors for their support.CEO Gene Inglesby (GI) The governmentNMPMA (NM): (ED) Ruben Baca (RB) (Jun 22) Pixar Animation Studios 13th feature film, Brave, seems to have no priority for what they shouldThe State of New Mexico has suspended thewas released in theaters.be working on in this sluggish economy. This5% Bio-diesel mandate that was to take effect2012 (Jul 23) The Solar storm of 2012 was an unusually came home to me this morning while readingon July 1, 2012. NMPMA Convention & Golflarge coronal mass ejection that was emitted by the Sun, the Salt Lake City Tribune newspaper, wherewas scheduled for the Embassy Suites inwhich barely missed the Earth by nine days. If it hit the the headline read 'Senators Seek to NameAlbuquerque at the end of August. earth, it would have caused up to $2.6 trillion in damages Bison National Mammal' . Be proactive and not reactive into electrical equipment worldwide.the political process. (Jul 27Aug 12)Help your employees,SUMMER 2012 WPMN ClipsThe 2012business colleagues, friendsSummer and family do the same .Olympics We need to hold our electedwere held officials accountable forin London, whom they represent.England, UK.44 www.wpma.com /Summer 2022"