b'WPMA Scholarship Foundation member of the Kindness Club and the Key Club all four years, and a three-year mem-ber and a leader of Link Crew, a student leadership program that uses select indi-viduals from the Junior and Senior classes as mentors for freshmen students. She also was a member of the Chinese Club, FCLA, and Speech and Debate. WA DECA played an integral part in Ryleeslence in everything they do and are hard workers, with integrity and kindness. In high school experience, as she was in- addition to the WPMA Scholarship, Rylee volved in DECA all four years, serving earned the VHPA (Vietnam Helicopter two years as a DECA officer. As a junior, Pilots Association) Scholarship, an Honors Rylee was a manager of the PantherCollege Scholarship, and the Betsy Ford Pause, the school store run by the DECADECA Scholarship. students. Her DECA Club Advisor wrote: Outside of class, Rylee swam for the past WASHINGTON [Rylee is] very productive, cooperative,10 years with the StingRay Swim Team, and helpful. She works well with others Recipient and is a great team player . The manage- a competitive club swim team, swimming ment team does all the accounting, person- 2- 3 hours a day nearly year-round. SheRylee Johnston nel, inventory, merchandising and cleaningalso participated on the Snohomish High in one hour a day. She has worked dili- School varsity swim team and earned a My career objectives are to helpgently in pricing policies berth at the Washington State Swim Cham-pionships all four years. Last November, people. Giving back to others bringsand product decisions Rylee was one of four girls who helped me the most joy and any way that I canincluding our clothing linetheir swim team win the district title with do that, I will take that opportunity,and snack products. their championship mark of 3:43.42 in the wrote Rylee Johnston, the 2022 recipientThrough DECA, Rylee quali- 400-freestyle relay. Rylee also participated of the WPMA Scholarship for Washing- fied for state competitionsone year on the Track and Field team and ton. Rylee is the older of two children offour times, receiving firston the Girls Golf team.Leif and Lana Johnston of Snohomish.place once and second placeIn her free time, Rylee exhibits a wide She applied for the WPMA Scholarshiptwo times. As a junior, sherange of interests. She revealed: I love through PetroCard, where her father Leifwrote a 25-page DECA com- theater and art. I love skiing and hiking works as a Fuel Consultant. petition project that reported on the schooland everything to do with nature. I love Rylee graduated from Snohomish Highstore. Her paper received a top-rated Goldreading and writing and sketching, being School this month with a 3.83 GPA, earnedCertification, which earned her a competi- a nerd comes easy to me too. I dont while carrying a schedule full of collegetive spot at the international ICDC compe- think there is a hobby that I dont like. Any prep and AP classes. Her science teachertition. Unfortunately, it was cancelled dueactivities are open for the book because wrote: Rylee shows much commitment toto COVID. This past March, Rylee andI love trying new thingsgrowth and being a life-long learner. When she doesnther fellow DECA members participated inadventure is something that I am always understand something, she pursues extraa virtual 2022 Area Career Developmentthinking about and aspiring to grasp. Liv-help and resources to help her attain aConference. Rylee was one of a grouping my life with an open mind and heart better knowledge of what she is studying.of students who placed in this competi- helps me live to the fullest and experience However, school wasnt always easy fortion and had the opportunity to representall there is to offer.Rylee. She revealed: My high school ex- Snohomish High School at the Washington perience has been a roller-coaster, I haveState Career Development Conference.Rylee will be attending been hurt more times than I can count byThere, Rylee and her partner took secondAzusa Pacific Univer-people whom I loved, and I thought lovedplace in the Management Team competi- sity in Southern Cali-me back. Academics has been a way fortion, qualifying them to attend DECAsfornia this fall, where me to escape the reality of pain that comesannual International Career Developmentshe would like to with being a teenager, and channel it intoConference for the second time. major in Pre-Med, but something positive. Her high academics and school participa- she also wants to study tion earned Rylee a Viking of the MonthBusiness. Rylee has Being involved in school activities andand an Excellence Award in Mathematicsprepared herself well clubs was vital to Rylee. She worked onas a freshman, and she received an Out- for the years of school-the Snohomish High School Yearbookstanding Scholarship award two years in aing ahead. WPMA staff as Layout Editor and served on therow. She also earned the prestigious Guswishes her the best of luck as she begins Yearbook Editorial Board two years. HerFankhauser Award three times, an awardher studies at the university. Judging from high academics earned Rylee membershipgiven to a select few students at the endher past performance, she should have no in the National Honor Society. She was aof each year who have striven for excel- trouble achieving her career goals. SWPMA News / Summer 202215'