b'WPMA Scholarship Foundation felt comfortable competing in a state-levelAside from her sheep business, Alisabeth FFA Creed Speaking Leadership Develop- has worked part-time for several local ment competition where she spoke in frontbusinesses to help earn spending money of over 3,000 attendees. She took fourthand funds for college. In her free time, she place in this state competition. Alisabethenjoys working out, hiking, swimming, is also a 10-year member of the local 4-Hbiking, boxing, and track. She revealed club and served as Presi- that she loves hanging dent this past year.out with her friendsand anything to doRaising sheep with her OR family and showingwith Marvel! them across the state isAlisabeth plans to attend one of Alisabeths hob- Oregon State University bies. Her entrepreneurialthis fall, majoring in spirit led Alisabeth toEducation, with a desire start her own sheepto some day be an Agri-raising operation, Clarkcultural Science teacher. OREGON Recipient Family Show Lambs, atShe wrote: Oregon the age of 14. She wrote:State University. ThatsAlisabeth Clark Four years ago, Clarkmy goal. As of January Family Show Lambs came to be. I still12th, I have been accepted to the college An entrepreneurial spirithasremember going up to my older brother,of my dreams and achieved my first goalguided the life of Alisabeth Clark, thesaying I wanted . I plan to study Animal Science andrecipient of the 2022 WPMA Scholarshipto be moremajor in Education, setting me up forfor Oregon. Alisabeth is the fifth ofcompetitive,success in following my dream of being six children of Timothy Clark andand froman AG [Agricultural Science] teacher. Teresa Flynn-Clark of Astoria. Shethen on,My goal is to go to a university to get my applied for the WPMA Scholarshipwe beganbachelors and masters in education. I through Wilcox & Flegel, whereraising hope to show my students that they are her father Timothy works as aourimportant and feel comfortable in my Fuel/Lubricant Delivery Driver. sheep.classroom to be themselves.In justWith all her talent and abilities, Alisabeth Graduating in the top third of herfour short graduating class with a 3.58 GPA,years, weis well qualified to begin her college expe-Alisabeth took the required classesgrew fromrience. We look forward to watching her along with a schedule focused on agri- ten ewes theprogress as she goes on to the University, cultural education. She credited the sup- first year to for she is set to achieve any goal she sets port of her FFA advisor for helping hertwenty the second year,for herself. Good luck, Alisabeth! Sgrow academically, and she realized shethen from twenty to forty. After that, we had a strong love for English and science. had a significant change in numbers go-Alisabeth wrote that she often felt like ing from forty to fifty, and just in the last an outsider at her schools. She explained:month, we grew from 50 to 81 ewes and I have never fit in at school and nevertwo rams. As a farm, we purchased a good felt like I had a good relationship with friends herd and equipment, allowing us my teachers until I met my FFA advisor .to expand our herd and genetics, raise She gave me the courage to be myself competitive show lambs, and sell lambs to and allowed me to blossom into an fourteen other counties. This is a family-amazing leader. Because of her, I amrun operation, and I could not do it with-comfortable talking in front of largeout them . I have worked hard to produce crowds. She pushed me to show otherstop-quality animals. Since I began, I have my true potential. . . I cant wait to be aproduced the grand champion market teacher to encourage kids the way shelamb for my county fair the last three encouraged me. years and the grand champion breeding ewes the previous four years. Alisabeth FFA was Alisabeths main activity dur- also entered her sheep the past four years ing high school, where she served as thein the Jackpots livestock competition, FFA Vice President, and most recently,where they placed first in class five times. served two years as President. Through her FFA advisors encouragement, she WPMA News / Summer 202213'