b"200 Years: 1822-2022 Events to Remember100 Years Ago 150 Years Ago 200 Years Ago1922 (May 5) In NY's Bronx,1872 (May 10) Victoria Woodhull became the first woman1822 (May 1) John Phillips became construction began on thenominated for President of the US. the first mayor of Boston, MA.Yankee Stadium. (May 22) President Ulysses S. Grant signed the Amnesty1822 (Jun 16) Alexis St. Martin, a (May 12) A 20-ton meteorite landed near Blackstone, VA.Act of 1872 into law restoring full civil rights to all butCanadian voyageur, was accidentally (May 30) Inabout 500 Confederate sympathizers. shot in the stomach, which led the Washington,1872 (Jun 4)way for US Army surgeon William gettyimagesD.C., the LincolnTwo men ledBeaumont's studies on digestion.Memorial wasinvestors to dedicated. land near the Wyoming-1922 (Jun 11) Premire of RobertColorado border J. Flahertys Nanook of the North, theclaiming to first commercially successful feature- have found length documentary film. diamonds, (Jun 14) US President Warren G.starting a diamond craze in the western US Harding made his first speech (which was later revealed as a fraud). on the radio.1872 (Jul 23) African American inventor1822 (Jul 4) A 24th 1922 (Jul 11) The HollywoodElijah McCoy was grantedstar was added to the Bowl open-air music a patent for lubricators forflag of the United venue opened. steam-engines. States, representing 1872 (Jul) NewtonMissouri, which had (Jul 25) The US recognizedGas Well, Titusville, PA,been admitted on Albania as a country.produced enough gas forAugust 10, 1821.(Jul 28) The US recognized250 customers. SEstonia, Latvia and Lithuania as countries. WPMA News / Summer 202251"