b'2022 Nevada State ReportNPM&CSAcontinued for a great morning of golf.C-STORE ASSOThese teams and individualsS &CIATIR Otook home the cash:T E NK EFirst Place: Ron Ludlow, M A !RLO O&A Marketing News Photos are Copyright (www.Kalpub.com) WPMA permission granted 2022WMJeff Davidson, Sam Steoger UEand Garrett Ekker.OLOSecond Place: RHTEKevin Goodwin,PRoy Lawson, Jason MillerA D SA V Gand Chris Kemper.E N23B DThird Place:Brian Morrissey, RyanG Mark Lytle, Christi Carano-Case, Jamie Wood and Jason Case ICaldwell, Alyn Hansonand Armin Ray. May 4-5, 2023Become aBIG DOGand Howl Join us at next years event , in Las Vegas!Go towww.wpma.com/nevada/conventionFernando Trujillo and Chris Wilson (Valero) for upcoming details. Rolling the Lucky Dice!with Big Dogs big moneyS26 www.wpma.com / Summer 2022'