b"This Quarter in History . May, June and July 15 Years AgocontinuedWA: (LM) The final hours were spent with the House andFrom Berridge Distributing, in Santa Fe, NM, Senate takingWPMA President Ted Berridge (TB)action on thediscussed notable industry leaders. He Capital andasked, What are some of their secrets of General Fundsuccess?Without exception, each believed budgets, as well as negotiating a final agreement on athey could make a difference through their tribal gas tax bill that will restructure the gas tax collectioninvolvement and participation, whether it be their local or MAY 1997WPMN Clipssystem and authorize state-tribal compacts for the collec- federal government, their industry trade associations, or tion of gas taxes on the reservations. Junes WA Energy &their community. Each is or has been involved at some level, C-Store Convention was returning to Semiahmoo Beachto some degree. Almost all of these people are visionaries to and Golf Resort near Blaine. their own companies and willing to act upon those visions WMIC: President David Leo (DL) The Pitfalls I have seen in the respected leaders of our industry andUT: (JH) Diesel Tax Collection shifts to the rack of Employer Deductible Reimbursement Planscommunities a vision to the future and a willingness to getand an article by Andrew Weil, MD was shared give two reasons to reconsider. involved, an adherence to their core values, an appreciationabout Vitamin D/Arthritis, Aspirin/Alzheimers, WPMA Marketer Memberof those who support them, and an awareness of theirand High-Fat Diets/Prostate Cancer.Gerry Richardson and WPMA Associatelegacy. Many of the men and women I have described IWMIC: On the Road Again Lowe and June Ashton Member Jerry Beall were highlighted ashave met in this organization, and I dare say, are the onestraveled across the state of Arizona.2007s Hall of Fame Recipients.who read these articles. My hat is off to you. 1997 (May 4) IBMs Deep Blue defeated Garry Kasparov Past WPMA President Charley Brewer ofin the last game of the rematch, the first time a computer Brewer Oil Co Inc in Albuquerque, NMbeat a chess world champion in a match.was featured in a Federated Insurance1997 (June - WPMN)2012 WPMN Clips advertising spotlight. Seven scholarship recipients 2012 (May 4) Spider-Man 3 waswere featured on thereleased in theaters.magazine cover. Executive Directive 51, which(ED) Gerry Tedrow (GT): Number four of(TB) expressed his goodbye specified the procedures forStephen Coveys seven habits as specified inand shared a poem: continuity of the federal government inWatch your thoughts,his best-selling book The Seven Habits of the event of a catastrophic emergency, Highly Effective People is 'Think win/win. The underliningthey become words.was signed by President George W. Bush. principal here is that the sum of the parts is greater thanWatch your words,2012 (Jun 15) The Price Is Right aired its final episodethe whole. Cooperation is more productive than competi- they become actions.hosted by Bob Barker. tion. People working together can benefit better than whenWatch your actions,(Jun 29) The first iPhone was released for sale in the US. either works independently. That is the win-win habit they become habits.Pixar Animation Studios eighth feature film, Ratatouille,of the seven habits listed in Coveys book, Win/Win is theWatch your habits,was released in theaters. first step to interdependence. When you think about thethey become JUN 1997WPMN Cover Clip (Jun 30) The Hawaii Superferry arrived in Honolulu after afourth habit, it feels right. character.7,600 mile journey from Mobile, Alabama. (GI) IRS had relaxed itsWatch your character,2012 (Jul 7) Live Earth Concerts were held throughout ninedyed diesel regulations.it becomes your destiny. Author Unknownmajor cities around the world. Farewells were given to(GT) The times, they are a changingGerry expressed (Jul 15) In Tacoma, WA, the second span of the TacomaIdahos (ED) Dave Mabe,his appreciation to Bill Wilhoit and Ted Berridge for their Narrows Bridge opened to traffic, making it the longestand Washingtons (ED)dedication to the petroleum industry.twin suspension bridge in the world. Mike Sciacca.(GI) Congratulated the Scholarship winners.(Jul 21) Vice President Dick Cheney served as actingMT: (RA)ID: Explained how to go about choosing a successor.president for a few hours while President George W. BushA series of was sedated for a colonoscopy procedure. meetingsMT: (RA) Montana, (Jul 27) Transformers, directedwere scheduled around the state for May/ for the first timeby Michael Bay, was releasedJune. A legislative update, by-laws, member- in decades, hadas the first film in theship growth and fund-raising ideas were discussed. all the rightTransformers film series. NV: (PK) Thom Higgins, a consultant to AMSstuff to grow!25 Years Ago in Reno NV shared insights on What is yourNV: (PK) The 2012 Competition Doing convention was 1997 (MayWPMN) TheNM: (ED)Everett McGehee (EM)held in Mesquite Magazine cover featured The 1997 Legislative Session with two days of Dr. Stephen R. Covey, 1997was one of the most frustrating sessions ingolf. The winners convention keynote andNew Mexico history . count your blessings,and sponsorsmotivational speaker.next years session will be only thirty days.were listed.JUN 1997WPMN Cover Clip MAY 1997WPMN Cover Clip 46 www.wpma.com /Summer 2022"