b"200 Years: 1822-2022 Events to RememberNM: (EM) PAC Golf event was held in Junewith many mergers and acquisitions The Petroleum Marketing Practices Act (PMPA), enacted at Tanoan Country Club in Albuquerque, andannounced or rumored.in 1978 and amended in 1995, was the only federal the annual convention with trade show wasA 22-mile pipeline built by Chevron effort, other than the automobile dealer day in court law, scheduled for September at the Inn of theand Pemex between El Paso and Ciudadto protect competition in an integrated marketplace by Mountain Gods in Ruidoso. The Pink FlamingosJuarez was the first to cross the Mexico- granting franchisees (retailers and distributors) protected were returning by popular demand. JUL 1997WPMN Cover ClipUS border.status against improper UT: (JH) 1997 State Legislature enacted a NV: (PK) Attorney Bob Bassman said, There is no protec- franchiser termination or statute creating the voluntary PST fund.tion for marketers from antitrust laws. There were sevennon-renewal. WMIC: On The Road Again states with full or partial divorcement laws. Other statesUT: (JH) President Mark the Ashtons gave their farewell to retiredhad enacted several kinds of anti-competitive practices.Walker of Pleasant Grove WPMA Past President Bill Wilhoit. passed the gavel to J. Burton 1997 (Jun 26) The first book in the Black of Monticello. One of award-winning Harry Potter series Walkers's final actions as by J.K. Rowling was published. president was to develop a 1997 (July - WPMN) New President Gerry new district map of Utah. Richardson of Hone Oil Co., in Ogden, UTEight districts were establish thanked the Association for the honor, with board membersand hoped he could live up to the WPMAassigned to each area. JUL1997WPMN Clips leadership he had witnessed for 17 years. WA: New (ED) Charley Brown was introduced (GT) Discussed EMA/PMAAs marketing profile.to the WPMA membership. MT: (RA) Montana's statewide bed tax was up 2% inWestern Petroleum Marketer News announced 1996, reaching a record $9.1 million.its change from a monthly to a longer interval issue (quarterly). NM: (EM) 1997 was a major year in petroleum marketing.1997 (Jul 4) NASAs Pathfinder space probe landed on It was the 90th anniversary of the first drive-in filling the surface of Mars. It carried Sojourner, the first roving station and was a convulsive year for refiner-suppliers, vehicle to be successfully operated on another planet.WPMA News / Summer 202147"