b'WPMA Scholarship Foundation She wrote: In my time on the team, Iparade through Hilo town. learned about communication, criticismThe Merrie Monarch Festi-intake, and leadership . Soccer taughtval is a vitally important part me to ask for help when I needed it, andof the hula community. Her that communication is the key to success.hours of practice three times Unfortunately, Isabels team was unable toa week have taught Isabel compete during her junior and senior yearsresponsibility and commit-because of COVID restrictions in the schools.ment, along with more lead-MAL ership and life skills, and Outside of school, Isabel worked at Oldshe credits her hula dancing Navy for several months, and more recent- experiences with shaping ly at a local ice cream and sandwich shopher into the young woman she is today. In in Maui, where she learned team buildingApril, Isabel and her Halau (team) placed skills and good customer service from hersecond in the Wahine Kahiko (traditional MEMBER-at-Largecoworkers and employers. Her employerhula) contest. While attending college she wrote: Isabel works customer service inplans to continue dancing and competing Recipient our shop. She has developed many skillswith her Halau from afar.and mastered them through hard work,Isabel Martinez perseverance and asking questions . SheIsabel is excited to begin her college edu-is always the first to step up and fill in forcation this fall. She wrote: I was raised Im the oldest of seven childrenincoworkers [and] shes kind and courteousto value my education because its the one a large, blended family, and I want to setwith customers. Isabel is never afraid ofthing I can rely on for success. I witnessed a good example for my younger siblingshard work or tricky situations. She is a plea- my single mother study her way to a CPA by being the first to attend college, wrotesure to have in our shop and we are excitedlicense, to be able to support usdemon-Isabel Martinez of Kahului, Hawaii. Isabelto see what the future holds for Isabel! strating how hard work and higher educa-is the recipient of the WPMA Member-at- In her free time, Isabel likes to surftion equal security and achievement. Large Scholarship for 2022. The daughterand dance hula. For the past 12 years,Isabel will be heading to the mainland to of Devin and Jennifer Schoeppner of Ka- she has danced the hula for the Halauattend Texas State University this fall. She hului, Maui, and Noe and Caitlin Arenas- Kekuaokalaaualailiahi competitive hulawrote: I have been accepted to Texas Martinez of Hutto, Texas, Isabel appliedgroup. Starting as a young child, IsabelState University, and will enroll in the fall for the WPMA Scholarship throughlearned and practiced and worked her wayof 2022 to pursue a degree in Mechani-Hawaii Petroleum LLC, where her motherup to competing in Keiki (childrens) Hulacal Engineering . Texas State University Jennifer works as the Assistant Controller.competitions off island. Now that she iswas my top choice for college because I Isabel graduated from Maui High Schoololder, Isabel competes with her dance teamconnected with the community and culture in May with a 3.4 GPA, taking a schedulein the Merrie Monarch Festival, a week- during a summer visit. I also chose to of college prep classes. Looking forwardlong festival featuring an internationallyattend school in Texas to strengthen my to a career in either Civil or Mechanicalacclaimed hula competition, an invitationalrelationship with my father, since we have Engineering, Isabel took classes in Engi- Hawaiian arts fair, hula shows, and a grandbeen separated due to his military service and my upbringing in the Aloha State. WPMA would like to wish Isabel the best of luck as she begins her studies at the university. We see that her many hours of practice and dedication to her hula dancing have molded her into a responsible and committed young lady, and she is well prepared to begin her university experience this fall.Sneering Tech and Auto Mechanics during her four years at Maui High. She wrote: I have a passion for taking things apart [and also putting them back together] to under-stand the mechanics of how things work. Isabel played on her schools varsity soccer team during her freshman and sophomore years as the youngest member of the team. WPMA News / Summer 202217'