b'Summer 2022 HAWAIIEnergy Marketers Association ReportSTATEHawaii Energy Marketers Association (HEMA)was diligently Reports tracking a number of legislative bills that would potentially impact our member companies. Under a bill relating to youth vaping, the State Senate approved a bill prohibiting the sale or distribution of all flavored tobacco products, includ-ing products with menthol in Hawaii, effective July 1, 2022. The bill would greatly impact sales to adults at our retail stores, which we believe is a consti-tutional overreach. Our concern is that this will generate a demand for a black-market sale of illegal and possibly dangerous, unregulated products. Mahalo toOur Golf Sponsors! Trying to keep balance with oneEric Wright of the highest Monday April 25, 2022 costs of livingHEMA Presidentin the nation, Lunch Sponsors Beverage Sponsors a bill resurfaced again this session to increase the minimum wage. The House proposed an incremental increase over time: $12 per hour beginning Oct. 1, 2022; $15 per hour beginning Jan. 1, 2024; and $18 per hour beginning Jan. 1, 2026, which was later amended to Jan. 1, 2028. Similarly, the Senate proposed and passed a bill that would increase the minimum hourly wage to $18 by 2026. The House draft amend-ments would reach $18 per hour by Hole Sponsors 2028. HEMA continued to show its x3 support for the intent of a wage in-crease, but expressed concerns about an D.L. D owningg eneraLC ontraCtor , i nC . increase exceeding $15 per hour. A F ullS erviceP etroleumc ontrActorUnder the banner of environmental x2 protection, the Hawaii State Legisla-ture introduced a new bill in this years session seeking to ban the manufacture, sale, or distribution of wraps and liners, plates, food boats, pizza boxes, and firefighting foams that contain pefluo-roalkyl and polyfluroalkyl substances. A few HEMA members teamed up in a unified voice requesting that firefighting Repair Service, Ltd foam be excluded from the ban. These members sought amendments to the bill to allow these proven foams to be used in extinguishing and controlling petroleum fires.Finally, we wanted to acknowledge and thank our participants and sponsors of Prize Sponsors the 2022 HEMA Golf Tournament at Ko Olina Golf Club on April 25th. The 28 golfers were treated to a beautiful ofH awaii day of golf, and an awards reception at Reception Sponsor Roys Ko Olina restaurant. Events like this remind us why we are lucky to live in Hawaii. S18 www.wpma.com / Summer 2022'