b'2022 WPMA Idaho State ReportcontinuedHere are a few highlights of the 2022 What Happened? Credit Card Interchange fees S1293removes interchange fee from Legislative Session and the FY23 Budget: These bills passed in 2022:sales tax portion of a transaction (DidSession Stats: 829 draft bills & proposalsLotterynot get a hearing) were prepared; 596 bills were introducedH607PowerballEnvironmental and assigned a bill number along with retains the game in Idaho ($55KS1264DEQLand remediation, 65 resolutions, memorials and procla- campaign hosted by IPM&CSA)mations; 344 bills were passed by bothrescission (Passed Senate)House and Senate.Tobacco/vaping/alcoholWashington State Fuel Export TaxS1284Age of tobacco use,6 cent/gallon export tax did not pass theFinal Numbers: 338 bills became law,possessionraises the age in Idaho Washington state legislature.most to become effective July 1, 2022; 6from 18 to 21bills were vetoed by the Governor. S1285Tobacco, local regulationsFor more information on the 2022Timeline: The Legislature adjournedprohibitedlegislative session contact Suzi Budge at Sine Die on March 31, an 81-day ses- Environmentalsbs@sbsidaho.com. Full details on allsionmore in line with the traditionalS1254DEQ Air quality / Eliminateslegislation can be found at: http://www.legislature.idaho.gov/time frame. (2021 was a record 311 daysTreasure Valley emissions programhighly unusual and due to procedural bickeringlegislators were not actually inTaxesIncome / Sales Tax CALENDAR($1B tax relief on income, property Boise and doing business for 311 days.) EMA 2022 Day on Capitol Hilland UI taxes/$1.5B next 5 years) May 17-19 at the Mayflower HotelBudget: Idahos General Fund Budget isH436$600 million income tax relief EMA returned to WDC Conference & Day expected to increase by 5.3% with $5.19(rebate & rate reduction)on Hill, scheduled for May 17-19, 2022. We billion for FY 2022 and $5.46 billion Employmentreconvened again for EMA committee and for FY 2023. The General Fund surplusH450UI Rate Freeze (2-year freeze /board meetings at the Mayflower, which for FY 2022 was $1.9 billion (37% ofthe GF budget). $60 million UI tax relief)is a new venue for this event. Meantime, H444COVID liability protectionIdahos Congressional Members all haveExpenditures: (sunset extended) offices in Idaho and are available much $601 million ongoing income tax reliefFederal Funds - Infrastructure & closer to home if for any reason we need to and a onetime income tax rebate;COVID Relief ($5.19B GF Budget/$1.9Bconnect with them on federal issues.$614.5 million to Permanent Buildingsurplus/$2.5B Fed funds)Canyon Springs PAC Golf Tournament Fund for new construction and mainte- Transportation ($553M), water & June 30, 2022Join us for our annual nance on state buildings;$552.9 million for transportation projects sewer ($500M), workforce trainingMagic Valley PAC Golf event at Canyon ($40M), and then some. Springs Golf Course. Register online at: What Didnt: Refilling the States Piggy Banks:https://www.wpma.com/idaho $175.7 million to pay off all currentThese bills & ideas were proposed IPM&CSA Conventionstate bond debtbut didnt pass in 2022:August 3-5, 2022Back to Business!$241 million to fill the Budget Stabi- IPM&CSA Board Meeting will be held lization Fund & the Public EducationTaxesIncome / Sales TaxAugust 3 at the Coeur dAlene Resort in Stabilization Fund (rainy day accounts)H741$700 million sales tax increase conjunction with the Annual Convention.$181 million for school district (6 to 7.85 cents/dollar) to offset someMember company representatives and health insurance. property taxes guests are welcome to attend. 2022 Legislative Session / Tobacco/vaping/alcohol A Quick Summary S1308Liquor, serving age Dont Delay! Get your room and register for the convention in Coeur dAlene, Idaho. Here is a snapshot of what did and didnt drops the age to 17 (Passed Senate / happen in the 2022 legislative session.Not heard in House)SWPMA News / Summer 202221'