b'This Quarter in History . May, June and July continued35 Years Ago WA: (ED) Don Wessels (DW) There were1987 [MayPetroleumserious repercussions across the country Marketers News (PMN)]caused by East Coast fuel pirating.Convention photos at Ballys1987 (May 21) Andrew Wyeth with hisJUN 1987 PMN Clip Grand in Las Vegas, NV Helga Pictures, became the first living were published. American painter to have a one-man showWPMA President Bob Kecof his work in the West Building of the (BK) of Western States MAY 1987 PMN Cover ClipNational Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.Petroleum Inc, in Phoenix, AZ. Springtime may turn a young(May 24) Approximately 800,000 people walked mans heartbut to the petroleum marketer it means across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CAAlexander and Ronna were working on the problems legislatures are still in session (only Idaho and Utah haveto celebrate the 50th anniversary of its opening. with IRS audits on cardlock operations around the state. adjourned), . Springtime also means spring clean-up.Al Unser became the oldest winner of the Indianapolis It seemed that Montanas IRS office was acting more (GT) Small business is fast becoming the dominant500 and only the second driver to win the event four times,aggressively than the offices in most other states.employer of the country. Little more than a decade ago, thefive days before his 48th birthday. NV: (DD) The golf tournament in Winnemucca included masses were employed by the nations factories. Steel, 1987 (June - PMN) (BK) was lookingtours of the newly expanded Red Lion Inn and Casino, auto-makers, oil production, large constructionforward to becoming WPMAs as well as one of the areas major gold mines. Before a projects and nationwide transportation firmsimmediate past president. standing room only public hearing, Nevada Marketers dominated the work force. Unions developed to protect(GT) Every member has a voice inpresented both written and oral information to illustrate the employee rights. Government size and power grewthe direction that the Associationtheir position on the bill to eliminate jobbers two percent alongside big business and unions. OPEC had agreedtakes. Participate in surveys, com- shrinkage and fuel tax collection allowance. A State of to slash output in an effort to maintain a fixed pricemunicate directly to officers andMichigan study was used to demonstrate the burden-of $18.00 per barrel. An unusually bitter cold snap hitstaff; you do not need to wait for ansome administrative costs incurred by jobbers when they JUN 1987 PMN Cover Clip Europe, causing heating oil demand to surge, reflecting area meeting. The WPMA Board has themust collect and process the states fuel taxes, and which crude oil futures in excess of $19.00 a barrel. ultimate responsibility to govern the Association. The Stateshowed legislators the impact of shrinkage on marketers.Senator Orrin G. Hatch respondedExecutive and the Executive Director do not set policy butUT: (GS) Four legislative items were causing "heart burn" to Tedrows letter on a gasolineare association staff, employed by the Association Boardamong Utah jobbers.vapor emission control system.to implement its policy.1. Imposition of motor fuel tax on inventory of re-sellers. ID: (ED) Frank Sattler (FS) each member has the2. Five-cent tax increase on motor fuel.Border wars between Idaho andopportunity to influence3. The present minimum of 750 gallons required for taxWashington were created whenwhat is done nationally.exemption, anda Spokane driver who droveEvery members dues, in4. The rescinding of the Tax Commission order for oneover fifty percent of his milespart, go to the nationalelection a year on the gross or net selection ofin Idaho was directed to payassociation for its opera- fuel purchase.state income tax for Idaho. tion. Every member is, inWA: (DW) A quick briefing on issues by Don Wessels MT: (RA) wanted the fact, a part of a large net- covered meters on trucks, night security for convenience MAY 1987 PMN Clipconsumer to be more aware of thework with his particularstores, retail divorcement bill, open supply purchase, amount of tax he was paying in theinterest in mind. We haveJUN 1987 PMN Cliprequired air and water at the pumps and rest rooms, price of the product; suggested on-the-pump decals.come a long way. We have aprohibiting beer and wine sales where gasoline wasNV: (ED) Deanna Doughty (DD) Now is the time that menlong way to go. But, we aint done yet. sold, employee leave time for companies with 50 orwork quietly in the fields, and women weep softly in theID: (FS) Tort reform was accomplished . Insurancemore employees, and a five-cent increase in motor fuel kitchen; the legislature is in session and no mans propertyofficials predicted lower insurance rates if the bill becametax. On the balance, the petroleum industry came out is safe, by Daniel Webster. An evening train ride fromlawnow they must produce. Six separate pieces ofsmelling like the proverbial rose.Reno to Winnemucca was scheduled for the state golflegislation were introduced to raise fuel taxesfuelFeatures: Taking Over the Family Business and Dunn Oil tournament in July. taxes were not increased. Beer sales now began at 6 a.m.,Finds Automation Big Key to Better Control.UT: (ED) Glade Sowards (GS) The Utah Tax Commissionallowing the night shift worker the opportunity to enjoy his morning brew. Dog racing became a reality in 1987 (Jun 12) During a visit to Berlin, Germany, US had ordered each jobber to make an election per yearCoeur dAlene. Interestingly, if one used live rabbits toPresident Ronald Reagan challenged Soviet General on the gross or net method of purchasing product fortrain the racing dogs, he/she would be subject to a fineSecretary Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall.the purpose of paying excise tax. The Tax Commissionand imprisonment three times greater than that allowed1987 (July - PMN) Joe Wondrack, a eliminated the exemption of motor fuel tax on inventory.for a manslaughter conviction. Rabbit lovers rejoice. Chevron jobber from the Tri-Cities area in The Utah Legislature increased the fuel bond require- MT: (RA) Best news - The shrinkage allowance wasWashington State, was recognized as the ment, for tax purposes, from $50,000 to $100,000. It alsoincreased to 1% of the total tax. Bill on strengthening en- new WPMA President.added a five-cent per gallon motor fuel tax increase. Theforcement of the license tax collection laws on importedUS celebrated the 200th Anniversary of the Federal Congress considered mandatory health insurance,and exported gasoline and diesel fuel died. Supplementalsigning of the US Constitution. increasing the minimum wage, mandated benefits, a banfunding for workmans comp was amended, killed and on polygraphs, and establishing worker risk notification.PMAA (EMA) made a resolution in A new Noise Standard in Salt Lake City was mentioned. resurrected. Killed bills were a city option gas tax, di- opposition to divorcement nationally, that states acted vorcement, and dealers bill of rights. Gerry Tedrow, Dougindependently. WPMA states were asked if they supported 48 www.wpma.com /Summer 2022'