b'WPMA Scholarship Foundation 2022Scholarship RecipientscontinuedShe served two years in Boerne Buddies, afor a family school organization that matches disabledfriend on LIFE Skills students with other high schoolFridays. students and creates one-to-one friendshipsBetween between them. Through her participation school, her in Boerne Buddies, Alexandra gained work, and leadership skills and learned how to workbabysitting,with people who struggle with disabilities.Alexandra doesnt AAL have much free time,She was also a member of student-led HOSA (Health Occupations Students ofbut when she does, she likes to spend it America), where she learned to enhancewith her family. Despite their distance her ability for compassionate, qualityfrom the rest of her family, 500 miles health care through opportunities foraway in El Paso, Alexandra and her mom knowledge, skill and leadership devel- visit as often as possible, and cousins opment in health science education. Income to visit her too. She gave credit to her junior and senior years, Alexandrasher mom for her support and help through-ASSOCIATE-at-Largehelpfulness, initiative, trustworthiness andout her school years, writing: My Mom is honesty on campus earned her the schoolsmy rock, she has taught me and inspired Recipient Champion Way Award, an award that me to be the young woman with a goodAlexandra Bloom honors outstanding students. work ethic that I am today.Alexandra will be attending SchreinerWe send our congratulations toUniversity in Kerrville, Texas this fall, Alexandra Bloomof Boerne, Texas,where she plans to major in Biology, with a goal of going into the medical field. the WPMA 2022 Associate-at-Large schol- Her end goal is to become an OBGYN or arship recipient! Alexandra applied forwomens health doctor. She wrote: I plan the WPMA scholarship through Marathonto continue my education at Schreiner Petroleum Company LP, where her motherUniversity, as this small private college Michelle works as an NGL Trader. Alex- is a close thirty minutes away from home, andra comes from a family involved in theand at the university you get the per-petroleum industry, as her grandfather andsonal touch due to the fact that [since] both parents work for Marathon Petroleum. Schreiner is so small, classes offer more student-teacher interaction and cohesion, a major reason why I chose this institution to further my education . In all, Schreiner University is a perfect fit for me as this Alexandra graduated from Samuel V.particular institution provides a number of Champion High School in May, ranked inresources that enable its students to enter the top half of her class with her 96.9 GPA.with hope and leave with achievement. She revealed that her personal academicAlexandras goal for a career in the Alexandra has earned several other schol-strengths such as collaboration, criticalmedical field led her to register for herarships which will help her keep her costs thinking, active listening and good studyschools Health Science Pathway, complet- down at the University and as she goes habits helped her achieve her scholasticing such classes as Principles of Healthon to medical school. Besides the WPMA success. Her mathematics teacher wrote:Science, Medical Terminology, HealthScholarship, she has earned scholarships [Alexandra] has a wonderful attitude thatScience Theory, and Anatomy and Physiol- from Schreiner University, Marathon is full of drive and perseverance that goesogy. During her senior year she enrolledPetroleum, and her high school.unparalleled. She is always trying to un- in Health Science Practicum, where she derstand each step in solving the problemsgained experience in the healthcare fieldThe WPMA Scholarship Foundation wel-and questioning the methods for her un- by working at a local pharmacy, filingcomes Alexandra to our group of talented derstanding . Alex embraces constructiveprescriptions and shadowing the pharmacyand capable 2022 WPMA scholarship criticism and strives to improve in everytechs and pharmacists to gain experiencerecipients beginning their journey aspect of her education. for her future healthcare career. toward a college degree. We To help pay for her college tuition, Alexandrawish her the best of luck as Outside of class, Alexandra played twofound a job after school and on weekendsshe commences her studies at years on her high school volleyball teamas a food runner at a local brewing compa- Schreiner University.and sang in the high school choir one year.ny. She also babysits three small childrenS16 www.wpma.com / Summer 2022'