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Pettersonbook review, Are program, Supply bind and prices, and IOMA holdsthrough personal contact at meetings and working to- adults dropping out? and The matter of safety.north Idaho and Montana meetings.gether through the yearswith the tremendous increase1972 (Jul 20) The Armstrong Air & Space Museum1972 (May 2) A fire in the Sunshine Mine in was dedicated to honor Neil Armstrong,northern Idaho killed 91 miners. first man on the Moon.(May 15) Okinawa was returned to Japan after 75 Years Ago27 years of US Military occupation. 1947 (May 6) The Wisconsin earthquake 1972 (JuneIOMN) (JAM) For too many years, thisaffected Alaska with a maximum Mercalli industry has had the philosophy of let tomorrow take careintensity of VI (Strong), causing a destructive of itself or, as long as there is product in the tanks, sell it atbasi- wide tsunami, leaving 165173 dead.any cost. We must make our marketplace reflect the(May 22) Cold War: In an effort to fight the quality of our products and services. spread of Communism, President Harry Features: New!S. Truman signed an Act of Congress that Home care clubsimplemented the Truman Doctrine. This Act mean more profitgranted $400 million in military and economic JUN 1972 IOMN Clip for gasonly aid to Turkey and Greece. stations, Gallon- David Leans greedy industry canfilm Great expect governmentExpectations, action, freedombased on the loss, New creditnovel by Charles card system wouldDickens, reduce losses, "Small businessman is victim of Federalopened in the form pollution, Ex-Mayor Lee: Champ of small business- JUL 1972 IOMN ClipUS. 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The most valuable result of allMen in Black encounter.Democratic National Committee. education is to make you do the things you have to do, when it ought to be done, and whether you like it or not,(Jun 24) Kenneth Arnold made the (Jun 23) Watergate scandal: US President Richard Nixonit is the first lesson that ought to be learned, and howeverfirst widely reported UFO sighting and White House chief of staff H R Haldeman wereearly a mans training begins, it is probably the last lessonnear Mount Rainier, WA. taped talking about using the CIA to obstruct the FBIshe learns thoroughly.investigation into the Watergate break-ins.1972 (JulyIOMN)JUL 1972 IOMN Clip The cover had a1947 (Jul 7) refreshing reminder:A supposedly Come On InThedowned Waters FineJoinextraterrestrial the IOMA NOW!!! Tidbits: He who can excuse one fault in himself should be spacecraft was (JAM) it isnt thequick to forgive two in another. reportedly found in the Roswell UFO incident,size of the dog inThe ideal family turkey would have 7 legs, 3 thighs, nonear Roswell, NM, which has been written about by the fightits theStanton T. Friedman and many others.size of the fight inneck and one wing. But we wondercould it fly? (Jul 18) President Truman signed the Presidentialthe dog! . So, There is nothing that will raise your standard of livingSuccession Act into law, which places the Speaker of the Mr. small businessquicker than a credit cardfor a month or so. House and the President Pro Tempore of the Senate next JUL 1972 IOMN Cover in the line of succession after the Vice President.man, if you thinkA commodity only acquires its true market value when you dont need an association, if you areone knows what the market value is. (Jul 26) Cold War: President Truman signed the National not happy because the man you voted for didnt keepFeatures: Retail car washing: How big is the market forSecurity Act of 1947 into law, creating the Central his campaign promises; dont feel bad, you havent beenservice stations?, New Union 76 stations brighten twoIntelligence Agency, the Department of Defense, the Joint entirely left out, you get to pay the taxes! And remember,great resorts, Good housekeeping best way to avertChiefs of Staff, and the National Security Council.sometimes its the small dog that puts up the best fight! OSHA violations, Auto theft increasing fast: Heres how 50 www.wpma.com /Summer 2022'