b'WPMA Scholarship Foundation 2022Scholarship Recipientscontinuedearning a Certificate of Excellence incareers are based . . . and it is an incred-his sophomore year. He wrote that oneibly powerful tool in many peoples lives, of his strengths is his ability to quicklynot just in their careers but in any future learn a subject and understand it in detail.events they might experience. Allen plans A family friend wrote: In my career asto study Film & Digital Arts at the Uni-an Engineer and a Technical Manager, Iversity. He explained: I have chosen the have recruited and mentored many youngUniversity of New Mexico . because of people, and I know what it takes to becometheir connections with filming industries a successful individual in life. Allen hasand many assets that other schools in the NM demonstrated to me that he is drivenstate do not have access to. They offer and capable of doing wellmany related career options once in whatever goals heyou complete their courses.desires.Allen will be able to live Allen enjoysat home while hes at-computertending the university, NEW MEXICO programming,which will cut down computer Recipient graphics and film production,Allen Michalski and he was able to take several of these Congratulations to Allen Michalskiclasses, including AP of Albuquerque, the winner of the WPMAComputer Science, during his Scholarship for the state of New Mexico.high school years. He wrote: My Allen is the only child of Michael andgoal in life ever since I was young Mitsuko Michalski. He applied for thewas always to find success in a WPMA Scholarship through Brewer Oil innew age of modern media whether Albuquerque, where his mother Mitsukothat be as a social media influenc-works as an Area Supervisor. er or a producer. His Computer Graphics teacher wrote: Over the course of four years I have seen Allen grow into a very kind, resourceful, and intelligent young man. In class he has grown into a successful graphic artist. He has worked hard to be a self-starter in computer graphics and in gener-al. As part of the Career Enrich-ment track at Volcano Vista High, Allen took Japanese 14 language classes to stretch his learning skills. on his expenses. In addition to the WPMA To earn a little extra income, Allen Scholarship, he has received a $1,000 worked last summer as a cashier for Bridge to Success scholarship fromPopeyes Chicken. In his free time, the University of New Mexico for his he likes to play video games with hisfreshman year. friends, and he tries to hang outIt sounds like Allen has his with them whenever he gets thefuture well planned. We Allen graduated from Volcano Vista Highchance. He also enjoys draw- can see that with his School in Albuquerque in May with aing on his tablets and tryingintellectual and artistic 3.825 GPA, taking a schedule filled withto improve his art skills.skills he will continue honors and AP classes. His high academicThe University of Newto achieve high marks performance gained Allen entrance intoMexico is Allens destinationas he commences hishis schools gifted programs beginningthis fall. He wrote: Higherstudies at the University in the 3rd grade, and he was listed on theeducation is the base pointof New MexicoHonor Roll all four years of high school,from which many successfulthis fall.S12 www.wpma.com / Summer 2022'