b'WPMA Scholarship Foundation giving campus tours to visitors and in- February, Rylie participated in the Hawaii forming them about the schools differentHOSA State Leadership Conference, programs of study.where she and three classmates took first At the end of April, Rylie was honored toplace in Biomedical Debate. be named the 2022 Citizen-Scholar forAfter graduation, Rylie will be heading Pearl City High School by the Hawaiito Pacific University in Forest Grove, Lodging and Tourism Association, theOregon. She wrote: I [will] major in Hawaii State Department of Education,Kinesiology at Pacific University in and the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. ThisOregon. The small, beautiful campus is award honors one outstanding senior fromhome to many Hawaiian people, and I every public high school around the stateknow each staff member is willing to go who best exemplifies citizenship in schoolbeyond the classroom to help me develop and the community. She also earned aas an individual. Kinesiology deals with scholarship from Hawaii State SenatorAide Certification and was CPR/First Aidthe way the body moves and how muscles Clarence Nishihara and his wife. certified. Her teacher wrote: Rylie is anand tendons work. This major aligns with Sports played an important part in Rylieseffective leader, team player, and motiva- my career as an OT because I will be high school experience, and she playedtor. During several group projects overhelping people to gain their mobility back three years on both the varsity soccerthe years, Rylie has taken the lead to to perform daily activities. . I hope to ensure all members are included, com- come back to Hawaii after college and municated efficient problem-solvingwork with the NICU babies at Kapiolani. methods, and provided space for othersI would make a positive contribution to to demonstrate their skills . Rylie has aHawaiis health care system by bringing natural capability to demonstrate com- my skills, and most importantly, my love passion and confidence while showingfor people, to the job. In addition to her knowledge of each of the 72 clinical skillsKinesiology studies, Rylie will be playing shes been taught. She is often one theon Pacific Universitys NCAA Division III nurse instructors who has appropriatelywomens soccer team this fall. prepared for the days lesson, and can re- When shes not studying or playing soc-call and apply skills learned weeks ago.cer or volleyball, Rylie enjoys going on To gain more knowledge on her ca- outdoor adventures and hanging out with reer choice, Rylie spent three years jobher friends. Her favorite place to be is at shadowing an Occupational Therapist.the beach relaxing on the sand or chill-She was also active in Heath Occupationing in the water. She wrote: I would like Students of America (HOSA) for threeto send a huge thank you to my Mom years, where she served as Treasurer andand Dad for all their love and support and volleyball teams. She was chosen asas Vice President, and participated in com- throughout the years, as well as my Offensive Player of the Year, MVP, andmunity service activities such as helpingbrother, family and friends for shaping served as Captain of both her soccer andat the Mobile Vaccination Bus. This pastme into the person I am today.volleyball teams. Her club soccer coachIt is evident that wrote: the one characteristic I amRylie has planned most proud of is Rylies strong leader- and prepared ship skills. From a young age, Rylie hasherself well for the displayed many leadership qualitiesnext step in her such as being responsible, dependable,education. We can and inspirational. She is well liked bysee that with her everyone and a natural leader on and offgreat work ethic, the field. Rylie is someone who everyonedesire to serve and counts on and is known to be fair, honest,openness to try and trustworthy.new things, she Rylie is looking forward to a career in will continue to Occupational Therapy, and got a jumpachieve high marks start on this career by taking many scienceas she continues on and medical-related classes through theto the university Health Services Academy at her school.this fall.Through the Academy, she earned a Nurse SWPMA News / Summer 20229'