b'2022 WPMA State ReportOREGON Fuels Association ReportBring on the Summertime SUN! Another summer is upon us,and myOregons general election is shaping up to be one of the hope is that we are in a better place thanmost consequential elections in decades. For the first time in when I am writing this article. While ournearly 20 years, candidates are vying to be Governor without industry is strong and we continue to seean incumbent on the ballot. And its a good thing that an in-growth in store sales and out on the islands,cumbent will not be on the ticket. Polling during the primary we continue to have volatility throughout theshowed that over 70% of Oregon voters believe Oregon is on channels that we do business within. Projectthe wrong track and less than 20% believe Oregon is on the delays with extended lead times are pushingright track. With Democrats holding the Governors man-Gabriel Zirkleour industry backwards and we are feelingsion and super majorities in the House and Senate, there is a OFA President the pain. Our limited employee pool is stillquestion of whether voter dissatisfaction will lead to major retracting and the ones that remain are tak- changes in Novembers election outcomes.ing the blunt of consumer frustration for theSimilar to national polls, Oregon voters are also looking higher prices everyone is paying on energy.more favorably on Republicans than in previous election Hang in there and be the leading change thatcycles. Republicans are seeing opportunities to chip away you want for your people!at the Democrats majority despite redistricting that favored July 17-19 is our annual Sunriver gathering. It is well- Democrats territory in the past censuses. There are a number planned this year but will have some room logistical issuesof legislative races that will be very close at determining as we continue to grow and expand this event. On Sundaymajorities and will likely eclipse $2 million in spending. In evening, we are set to kick off our event with the ever- addition, voters are keenly interested in who will win what popular PAC wine tasting event where we will host Housewe expect to be the most expensive Governors race to date Republican Leader, Representative Breese Iverson. Monday beating out the previous record just one election cycle ago kicks off with a business session that will include Legisla- that amassed nearly $40 million between the Democrat and tive updates from our very own Mike Freese and DanelleRepublican candidates. Romain along with a panel discussion including SenatorThe difference in this election is the addition of a very well-Lynn Findley, and Kelsey Wilson (lobbyist for WSPA). Infunded independent candidate: Betsy Johnson. Johnson was addition, Deana Henry (Oregon Department of Energy) willa long-serving Democrat in the legislature known for being a speak on the Energy Security Plan and Michael Kortenhofbit of a maverick as she sided with Republicans on gun and (Oregon Department of Environmental Quality) will walk usenvironmental issues, while voting with Democrats on many through some of the expectations of the CEI Hub followingsocial and budget issues. Republicans see this as an oppor-the passage of SB 1567.tunity to win with essentially two Democrats on the ticket. Its going to be a great time to share with friendly competi- On the flip side, the inclusion of an independent could attract tors and industry personnel. We look forward to having youvoters from both sides tired of partisan politics. In either join us for the whole event. There will be more kid-friendlycase, this election has two candidates that will likely take activities and we hope to open that category even wider asOregon down very different pathsespecially as it relates to we influence the next generations of our industry leaders!transportation fuel businesses. Republican candidates have We are also excited for the scholarship winner that is head- drawn a line with the recent cap and trade and other execu-lined in this magazine. We had more students apply this yeartive order policies that raise the cost of transportation ener-than last, and we are anticipating growth in the number ofgies to all Oregonians. Bottom line, we need to vote!applications for the 2023 winner! Read more about our 2022As these fall races develop, the Oregon Fuels Association winner in the other pages of this print. Be sure to watch forwill be following intently and engaging to help shape the the next application period for all students tied to a parentfuture of Oregon. Tell your competitors and customers about that works with OFA members as they look to better theirour association and the many benefits to joining us as we lives through higher education or trade school placements.represent all Oregonians. All Seniors are welcome to apply!Gabriel Zirkle President, OFAS28 www.wpma.com / Summer 2022'