b'WPMA Scholarship Foundation2022 OPEN NO DEFINITIVE ANSWERS in Newly Released Study GOLF Tournament on the Cause of Accelerated Corrosion of UST Systems Containing ULSDHowever, neither the CRC study, nor the two earlier studies looked for possible causes for accelerated corrosion aboveWHERE THE FAIRWAYS ARE FIRM,the terminal rack, which EMA insists is essential to deter-mine its origins. Ever since accelerated corrosion was firstAND THE GREENS ROLL TRUEidentified as a problem, the blame for its occurrence hasThis Las Vegas golf course was crafted bybeen laid squarely on the shoulders of retail and wholesaleRees Jones, a man whose pedigree andenergy marketers. Accelerated corrosion was first said to becredentials as a golf course designer are simply caused by slow turnover at retail tanks. Then the blame wasunmatched. Through his creativity and vision, placed on the failure by retailers to maintain proper house-keeping practices for their ULSD tanks, allowing water toRio Secco perfectly embodies the moderninfiltrate and microbial growth to occur unchecked. Thatspirit of the game. It is daring, bold andwas followed by blame being placed on the overzealousdramatic. Here, the play is fast. Fairways are use by tank owners of diesel fuel additives to remove water firm and greens roll true. We take chances.and microbes resulting in higher rates of microbial growthWe test our abilities. We hold ourselvesthan before treatment. More recently, the finger is pointed at downstream distributors who fail to use dedicated cargoaccountable. And, we never make excuses.tank vehicles for straight loads of ULSD and E10 blendshttps://riosecco.comresulting in the cross contamination of ethanol and ULSD from residue left in shared compartments, pipes and hoses between shipments.Take On The There is no definitive study that points to any of theseRio Secco Golf Club Challenge ondownstream factors as the cause or causes of acceleratedTuesday, February 22, 2022corrosion. There is good reason to believe, based on energywith a shotgun start at 8:00 a.m. We will playmarketers experience that diesel fuel quality is not alwaysa scramble format. The tournament isconsistent when it comes over the terminal rack. This points to fuel quality issues above the terminal rack as a possiblelimited to the first 144 registrants.contributing cause to downstream accelerated corrosion.Register online at www.wpmaexpo.com Tank bottom sediments allowances for terminal tanks, filtra- with your 2022 WPMAEXPO tion systems at the rack not filtering out finer impurities andregistration. If you do notpossible cross contamination of ULSD and ethanol blendedhave a foursome,we willgasoline at the terminal rack may also contribute to the ac-celerated corrosion phenomenon. At this point, we simply assign one for you. dont know if any of these are factors promoting accelerated corrosion because they havent been studied. The fact is, without full fuel quality testing and study along the entiretySCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION Dont miss thisof the petroleum distribution chain, the contributing factorsgreat golf experience!leading to accelerated corrosion cannot be accurately identi-fied. The CRC study is not the last word on the possibleScauses of accelerated corrosion. There will be additional studies by research laboratories, maybe by the EPA or per-haps by ethanol producers. When these studies occur, EMA will continue to be on the forefront of this issue, advocating on behalf of energy marketers, and pressing for research on the possible causes of accelerated corrosion at each link in the petroleum distribution chain.SWPMA News / Autumn 202117'