b'2021-22 Officers & Directors WASHINGTON Independent Energy Distributors ReportWIEDWashington WireLots to Celebrate in Washington State!WA Mark your calendars for Thursday, Lea McCullough It was absolutely a pleasure to see every-oneback in person at the 2021 Washington EnergyDecember 2nd to attend our and C-Store Convention, as it had been nearly 2 yearsrefreshed WIED HOLIDAY since any in person event had really happened for ourPARTY at Little Creek Casino group. While still under some tight COVID guidelines, weand Resort in Shelton, WA. And still managed to pull off dinners, a golf outing, a modifiedif the weather is nice and cooper-trade show on the golf course, and some good networkingates, we may even get you out onWIED Executive Directorand engagement on property at Suncadia Resort! the Salish Cliffs Golf Course for a round! Salish Cliffs was ranked While the biggest win was simply seeing each others#1 Best Course in Washington healthy faces, and knowing we all made it through theState in 2020, and in 2021 ranked worst of the pandemic, the close second was seeing somein the Top #100 Resort Courses in normalcy again in the way of travel, hotels, and gather- the United States!ings, and healthy finances for the Association.We will be offering a group hotel BRINGING BACK THE HOLIDAY PARTY!!! rate for the Little Creek Casino and Resort, so come stay and play, whether it be golf or in the casino, and enjoy a little play time. Its also possible to create a private Texas Hold Em tournament after our Holiday Party, so if there is any interest in that, please let Lea know. Or, just go enjoy yourself in the newly opened cigar bar with live music.New Member Only Communications SystemHave you had a chance to sign in tothe new Members-Only Communication Platform yet? If you are a member, you have by now received several emails from us (maybe check your spam) with instructions on how to sign into your www.wiedmembers.com platform. This platform offers so many outstanding ways to connect within our membership, learn about upcoming events, register online, and post questions and articles for discus-sion! Check it out, and email Lea with any questions!Your president, Mr. Steve Snider,would like to keep that momentum rolling forward. He has asked that I find you a place affordable and entertaining enough to revitalize our HOLIDAY PARTY FOR 2021! And that is what I have done. To keep it enticing, we are bring-ing back our 2018 rates of just $85 per person, or $160 a couple! So dont miss out!!! SWPMA News / Autumn 202153'