b'2021-22 Officers & Directors MONTANA Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association ReportSUMMER GREETINGS from the Big Sky State!MT we hope you have foundcorn hole, beersbee, ax throwing,Brad Longcake As we endure what has been the hottest and driest summer on record,and last but not least, putting from a way to stay cool and still enjoy your summer. Montanathe toilet. We try to make this as is amongst the Western states facing horrible droughtfun as possible and I think we conditions and a terrible fire season. We are also seeingnailed it this year. The shooters Montana Message record breaking numbers of visitors to our great statehad a good day as well, though and all have culminated into conditions that are stretch- with fewer shenanigans. AaronMPMCSA Executive Directoring our resources.Bethke with Doyles Sheehan was the shooting winner. Wednesday The MPMCSA has been very busy addressing some ofwe were very happy to welcome several legislators from the logistical challenges facing our members secondaryacross the state, the Attorney General Austin Knudsen to the unusual conditions of the last year. Unprecedentedand Governor Greg Gianforte. Senator Daines was able demand for fuel, workforce shortages, and significantto join via Zoom and provide several updates from the fire activity have put a strain on resources across thefederal level. We finished off the convention with our state. Jet fuel shortages have been a major concern givenlive and silent auctions. This is a great event that helps the fire activity and the firefighting efforts. Our membersbring our members and vendors together to celebrate the have been working hard to overcome challenges relatedend of a great year. MPMCSA would like to thank our to supply chain disruptions and truck driver shortages.sponsors, vendors, members, and support staff that help We have been collaborating with the Governors andto make this the greatest convention around. Attorney Generals offices to find solutions. There areThe MPMCSA Board of Directors is proud of the work several key stake holders involved in this issue and wewe have accomplished in 2021 so far. The value of our are hopeful that we will be able to come to a solution togroup has been evident. The collaboration between our help ease the pressure on our members.members, industry leaders, consultants and vendors has In brighter news, our convention in June was a hugeproved to be an effective means to protect our collective success. It was so good to see everyone again and spendinterests and we are proud to be a part of it. time in Fairmont. We had beautiful weather for our larg-est number of golfers and shooters. MPMCSA wants to congratulate the winning golf team from Cross Petro- Brad Longcake leum of Ron Serpe, Charlie Status, Robbie Miller, andExecutive Director MPMCSAJohn Hanchett. These guys were not only able to fend off the other golfers, but they had to test their skills atSSWPMA News / Autumn 202137'