b' Member Information continued Associate Members by Company(As of July 30)For complete AssociateThis Quarter in History15 Years Ago continued. August, September and OctoberMember information go to www.wpma.com/associate-member-search (Aug 18) The Illusionist film premiered at the 2006 Sundance Film Eaton Sales & Service Federated Insurance Graco Inc Festival, opened at the 2006 Seattle International Film Festival, and Ed Gilmore Sal LoMagro Paul Treml eventually went nationwide on September 1, 2006. edwardg@eatonmetal.com sblomagro@fedins.com ptreml@graco.com Star Trek V: The Final Frontier one last voyage for our heroicPhone (801) 973-9055 Phone (208) 939-2370 Phone (612) 656-7871 Captain Kirk and the brave crew of the EnterpriseseveralDispensers, Fuel Storage Tanks (UST),Insurance, Risk Management Lubrication Equipment,Petroleum Equipment Manufacturing dozen spin-off sequels followed.EdgePetrol Federated Insurance Greer Steel Inc 2006 (Sep 4) Televisions global famed Crocodile Hunter, Jack West 44-year-old Steve Irwin was fatally pierced in the chest Claire Lewis jewest@fedins.com David Kapla by a stingray spine while snorkeling at the Great Barrier claire.lewis@edgepetrol.com Phone (507) 455-5175 dkapla@greertank.comPhone (856) 441-8094 Insurance, Risk Management Phone (253) 581-4100 Reef, off the coast of Port Douglas in north Queensland. Fuel Pricing Software Tank Manufacturing, (Sep 22) X-Men film was released, featuring Federated Insurance Above Ground Storage Tanks,Elliott Powell Baden & Baker Nick Lower Underground Storage Tanks Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellan.Marc Baker nrlower@fedins.com Grid Mark Signs Inc 2006 (Oct 2) Coca-Cola launched Coke Zero.mbaker@epbb.com Phone (507) 455-5958 Chris Gridley (Oct 17) The population of the USPhone (503) 227-1771 Insurance, Risk ManagementInsurance cgridley@gridmark.com exceeded 300 million. Federated Insurance Phone (509) 327-2385 worldhistoryproject.orgElliott Powell Baden & Baker Cody Shumacher Signs & Lighting, Advertising, 25 Years AgoKim Wykes clshumacher@fedins.com Fleet Graphics 1996 (Aug WPMN) WPMA President Ted Berridge (TB) of Berridge kwykes@epbb.com Phone (785) 608-6309 Groendyke Transport Distributing in Santa Fe, NM In the Olympic tradition, you have hand-Phone (503) 227-1771 Insurance, Risk Management Jeff Moe picked our new officers and board members for their unique skills andFederated Insurance jmoe@groendyke.com talents. With this Dream Team Board of Directors you have provided,EnergiSystems LLC Christian Kocherscheidt Phone (303) 289-3373 I am looking forward to a successful and eventful year . There arePaul Martens ckocherscheidt@fedins.com Transporter, Trucking Opportunities Like Never Before. Opportunities will knock info@energisystems.com Phone (801) 803-3837 Groendyke Transport on February 18-20, 1997 in Las Vegas. Dont miss it!Phone (406) 670-5252Installation, Petroleum Equipment,Insurance, Risk Management John McDonald (ED) Gerry Tedrow (GT) reported on the board meeting Service Station Equipment Fortune Company Phone (575) 746-2741EnergyExits Al Rosellini Transporter, Trucking in Helena, Montana, that covered budget, dues, incomes, Doug Milner al@fortuneco.com Groendyke Transport insurance, interests, legislative activity, and the new dmilner@energyexits.com Phone (206) 762-7756 Jim Hoelker mission statement with support mission statements toAug 1996 Phone (360) 260-7484 Other Services, Broker jhoelker@groendyke.com name a few. It is a pleasure to work with the outstandingWPMN Clip Financial Services, Mergers Franklin Fueling Systems Inc Phone (580) 234-4663 leaders in our industry in WPMA. Our association has a generous share & Acquisitions Ryan Ballard Transporter, Trucking of dedicated leaders. Our membership is fortunate to have them.Enviro Care Inc ryan.ballardGulf Oil LP GI: Rebecca, better known as Risk Based Corrective Kyle Daybell @franklinfueling.com Chris Gannon Action (RBCA) was now being implemented by the kyle@envirocareusa.com Phone (503) 505-3127 cgannon@gulfoil.com Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Defini-Phone (801) 299-1900 Petroleum Equipment, Service StationPhone (386) 283-1471 tion, goals and other details were explained. The Emergency Response, Environmental Equipment Petroleum Products Partnership in RBCA Implementation (PIRI) group ExxonMobil Fuels G Gulf Oil Aug 1996which WPMA was a part of was making sure that any & Lubricants Company GPI Great Plains Industries Shannon Favreault WPMN Clipinterested state UST program received RBCA training Curtis Lepley Dan Maher sfavreault@gulfoil.com and assistance in the design and implementation of the process.curtis.s.lepley@exxonmobil.com dmaher@gplains.com Phone (339) 933-7200 WMIC: Hired Scott Edwards with a Psychology/Business degree to Phone (832) 624-4705 Petroleum Products, Suppliers, Petroleum Products, Suppliers,Phone (316) 619-7659 Marketing work with June and Lowe Ashton as Assistant Marketer. June and Marketing Other Services, Pumps Lowe visited Western Montana, the Idaho Panhandle that included Gage - Lab Products Inc H the Washington State Convention all in one sweep. F Tim Zimmerman HTP Energy HI: HPMAs President was Tom Malone, with 1 stVP Alex McBarnet, Jr., FPPF Chemical Company Inc gl@gagelabproducts.com Ken Kresky 2nd VP Gary Kaneshiro and Jim Haynes as Immediate Past president.Melba Stewart Phone (801) 716-2972 ken.kresky@htpenergy.commstewart@fppf.com Equipment Supplies Phone (608) 790-0236 ID: (ED) Dave Mabe (DM) State Water Quality Issues. 1. Lack of low Phone (716) 856-9607 Suppliers spawning temperature to protect bull trout, 2. EPA wanted cold Oils, Additives & Chemicals, AdditivesGetUpside water biota, 3. EPA wanted 38 Idaho streams use attainability. 4. & Chemicals Supply, Car WashRegan Kleinpeter HTP EnergySupplies regan@getupside.com Craig Waldvogel Lack of low spawning temperature to protect the Kootenai RiverAug 1996 Federated Insurance Phone (512) 573-5770 craig.waldvogel@htpenergy.com population of white sturgeon, 5. A new selenium standard. OregonWPMN Jordon Gonzalez Technology Phone (608) 779-6570 faced the same type of lawsuit regarding bull trout spawning. Clip jcgonzalez@fedins.com Gordon Thomas Honeywell LLPMT: (RA) The 1996 Convention was scheduled for September Phone (209) 277-6161 J Bradley Buckhalter HTP Energy 16-17 at the Big Sky Ski Resort and Yellowstone Convention Insurance, Risk Management bbuckhalter@gth-law.com Hayden Potts Center close to Bozeman. Petroleum Tank Release Cleanup Phone (253) 620-6488 hayden.potts@htpenergy.com Aug 1996Fund achieved great success. Ronna listed the schedule for Legal Services Phone (608) 769-6917 WPMN Clipminimum wage increases starting in January 1997. Suppliers26continued on page 34www.wpma.com / Autumn 2021'