b'2021-22 Officers & DirectorsNEVADA Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association ReportNV When this happens filters must beNPM&CSA E15 Coming to Nevadachanged immediately. The impact on jobbers and retailers has been by July 2022 significant in terms of time, money and customer good will. Member The NV Department of Agriculture (NDOA) companies and the Department of hosted a stakeholder meeting in early August. They cameAgricultures petroleum lab have prepared with four areas they wanted industry and otherspared no expense in trying toPeter Krueger stakeholders to provide input. The four areas were: statedetermine why this occurs. Die- NPM&CSASilver State Summary registration, misfuelling mitigation, dispenser labeling andsel fuel samples have been testedExecutive Directorproduct transfer documents. from northern California refineries and all met ASTM specifications. Discussion and comments are summarized below: Clogged filters have been sent to laboratories for evalua- State registration was thought to be a bad idea mostlytion including some of the best private sector labs both in and out of Nevada. So far there is no definitive answer as to because it is duplicative of federal requirements. what causes filters to clog. Misfuelling mitigation plans are already part of the fed-As we move into the colder months, please be on the look-eral regulations, therefore there is no need for state plans. out for filter problems. If you suspect your diesel dispenserDispenser labeling is required and all agreed the currentfilters are clogging, please contact your supplier immediate- federal label is adequate. ly and if possible, keep the filter cold to help preserve anyProduct Transfer Documents or BOLs generated somecontaminants that might be present. The state petroleum lab needs to get these filters so that testing can be conducted.discussion mostly around how the federal requirementIf you have any questions please contact Peter Krueger,might change Nevadas BOL requirements. Nevada Petroleum Marketers and Convenience StoreOverall, the meeting went well. The major take away wasAssociation - peter@fuelingnevada.com or 775-721-6888. that the current Federal E15 regulations are adequate for adoption by reference in Nevada. This means instead ofJoin Us!Nevada putting all the federal verbiage in state law it is adopted by reference. The association agreed; however, we must ensure that safeguards are in place to ensure that as federal regulations change, Nevada marketers have a say in the process. This will prevent unintended consequences from automatic adoption in Nevada without our input. Baby It Is Cold Out There C-STORE ASSOCIS & ATIE R OE T N!KIt will be soon be getting coldin northern NevadaA RLMWand that means the chance of clogged diesel filters for thethird year in a row. If you are not from northern Nevada,MUespecially along the I-80 corridor, you may not have heardEOLof this very serious and mysterious problem.ORAs the weather cools, usually in September and October, 30E HTPSAmicron dispenser filters begin to clog with what has been DA V Gdescribed as a yellowish waxy substance. EN O22B D GIMay 5-6, 2022 SWPMA News / Autumn 202141'