b'Member Services NewsWe Card has been offer- Retailers have improved their communication with localing a BEST PRACTICE communities with 73% reporting letting the local communi-SURVEY to retailersty know what stores are doing to ensure minors are unable for the past ten years.to purchase tobacco or vaping products. See more on best More than 2,500 retailerspractice #16.have completed the And the most skipped question according to our surveysurvey and weve seenis whether retailers terminate employment of employees improvements in howwho fail a company sponsored compliance check. (This retailers have implemented best practices to prevent theanswer remains steady at roughly 40%.) underage sale of tobacco and vapor products. (Take ourMeanwhile, We Card Awareness month is here. Awareness survey at wecard.org to see how you measure up.) Month brings forward an opportunity for retailers to ensure We thought it might be useful to recap a few highlights from thethey are doing all they can to prevent underage tobacco and survey, report on any changes weve noticed over the past decadevapor sales. Including:and provide you with a link through the online article atwecard.org to a We Card resource. Train EmployeesHeres a quick rundown: Mystery Shop Stores Most retailers (82%) have policies in place that extend beyondstate and federal laws and cover product theft, confrontational Provide Job Aids and Tools for Employeessituations, and more. You can find a sample Company Policy Template at our Resource Center. Retailers continue to offer refresher training regularly to employeesFollow Best Practicesto make sure they are up to date on laws and regulations. Not surprisingly computer-based training has risen Stay on Top of New Laws dramatically since 2010 from 40% to 62% in 2021. About We Card: The We Card Program, Inc. is a national Check out We Card eLearning. non-profit organization that represents a unified effort among Employee testing after training on how to sell tobacco and va- trade associations, retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers. It was created 26 years ago to support retailers of tobacco and por products has been steady from day one at around 50% butother age-restricted products. Individual retail establishments maintaining records of the testing has risen from 40% to nearlyas well as large retail chains use We Cards educational and 80%. (FDA requires retailers to maintain employee records fortraining services to comply with federal and state laws while up to 4 years.) See our summary of FDA Requirements working to prevent underage tobacco, e-vapor, and other Mystery shopping to make sure employees are properly askingage-restricted product sales. National and state retail tradefor IDs has risen significantly in the past year to nearly 80%associations, government officials, community groups and from a steady rate of 40% over previous years. Check out ourothers also support We Cards ongoing efforts to educate and mystery shop service: ID Check-Up. train retailers. SEXPO2022Countdown has begun!February 22-24 , Las Vegas, NV52 www.wpma.com / Autumn 2021'